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The enemies within

by Manzoor Chandio, Karachi, Sindh
…Now come to the enemies within i.e. sardars, waderas, bhotars, gadi nashins, pir and mir. I’ve extensively written on this topic and do not want to reproduce the same here. There are some 33 articles on Sindh and Sindhis on my blog http://manzoorchandio.blogspot.com/
Most of the articles are about the incompetence of Sindh’s sardars, waderas, bhotars, gadi nashins, pir and mir.
The presence of this nakara class is an inherent problem of Sindh and almost all developed nations have gone through such processes. We Sindhis are still a part of a developing society and striving to make our society a developed one.
In the given scenario, you’ll have to be focused on efforts which contribute to the advancement of the Sindhi society. Do you think Sindhi society will make strides by supporting the PML-N chauvinists? What we saw during the recent long march that some Sindhis mistakenly supported chauvinists and obscurantists who are the great enemies of the Sindhi society…

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