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Netanyahu says European Jews should immigrate to Israel


Israeli prime minister pushes plan encouraging Jews to “come home” in wake of deadly attack on Copenhagen synagogue.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called for “massive immigration” of European Jews to Israel following the shooting attack outside a Copenhagen synagogue that killed a Danish Jew.

Netanyahu said the government on Sunday will discuss a $46M plan to encourage Jewish immigration from France, Belgium and Ukraine.

“This wave of attacks is expected to continue,” Netanyahu said at the start of a cabinet meeting. “Jews deserve security in every country, but we say to our Jewish brothers and sisters, Israel is your home.”

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Canada falling behind on poverty, inequality, says report

Conference Board report card gives Canada a B, ranked 7th out of 17 developed countries

Canada isn’t living up to its potential or its reputation when it comes to societal issues like poverty, government and inequality, according to the Conference Board of Canada.

The group gave Canada a ‘B’, good for a 7th place ranking out of 17 developed countries, but it said the “middle-of-the-pack” ranking leaves room for improvement.

Getting an ‘A’ at the top of the rankings were the Scandinavian nations (Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland) as well as the Netherlands and Austria. …

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Who is David Headley? —Naeem Tahir

Daily Times

[Excerpt] …He was in contact with jihadi networks as well. He was booked for his involvement in the Denmark terror plan but escaped the death sentence, once again by the ‘plea bargain’ strategy. By then, he was totally in the hands of the secret agencies.

He was the major facilitator in the Mumbai attack. He provided maps, photographs, even GPS systems to the attackers. He visited Pakistan, Afghanistan and India several times. How were his trips funded? Did he use his half brother Danyal Gilani, the PRO to the prime minister, in any way? Was the CIA, FBI, IB or some other agency involved in planning the Mumbai carnage? Did they suppress the information for covert motives and let the attack happen? Such questions need answers.

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Denmark – Greenland: The Democratic Way to independence

The Greenland example

Courtesy: Boston.com, June 26, 2009

…A saner way to escape history’s nightmare could be glimpsed in Greenland’s peaceable accession to independence from Denmark, an event celebrated Sunday on the world’s largest island in a ceremony attended by the Danish queen. Greenlanders, 90 percent of whom are indigenous Inuits, voted overwhelmingly in a referendum last November to exercise self-rule and eventually to be independent. Denmark, which has ruled that Arctic land since 1721, accepted the will of the people graciously.

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Why not try to do something to build bridges!

“We thought, why not try to do something to build bridges between people who see each others as oppositessays Ronni Abergel, co-founder who conceived the idea after his friend was stabbed by a stranger. The program, launched in Denmark in 2000, was his way of breaching the divide between people. Says Abergel: If we felt more at ease in our neighbourhood or schools we would have more life quality, all of us.”