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Is Pakistan in Safe hands?

pakistan-federal-assemblyPakistan is not in Safe Hands
by Khalid Hashmani, McLean, Virginia, USA
The writer can be reached at khashmani@hotmail.com
This article was originally circulated to thousands of e-mail addresses of Pakistanis by a group called “PakNationalists”. This group has be wedging a campaign to bring back military rule in Pakistan the day PPP won elections in Pakistan. The “PakNationalists” is run by person named Ahmed Qureshi and the article written by Major Usman Khalid. Both of these persons had been anti-PPP, anti-provincial autonomy, and anti-small provinces. The original title of this article is “MQM-PPP-ANP Scheme To Divide Pakistan” and was circulated on February 4, 2009. This is the same group that also circulated another article titled “The final Solution For Pakistan: ‘A Decision Making Unit“. The aim of both of these articles and other regular propaganda by groups such as “PakNationalists” is to thwart the current movement towards provincial autonomy. They want to ban elections and install a military imposed Decision Making Unit (DMU) in Pakistan. Notice the following points they make in these two articles:

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