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Genetically modified cows produce ‘human’ milk

Scientists have created genetically modified cattle that produce “human” milk in a bid to make cows’ milk more nutritious.

By Richard Gray

The scientists have successfully introduced human genes into 300 dairy cows to produce milk with the same properties as human breast milk.

Human milk contains high quantities of key nutrients that can help to boost the immune system of babies and reduce the risk of infections.

The scientists behind the research believe milk from herds of genetically modified cows could provide an alternative to human breast milk ….

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Anjuman Muzareen Punjab (a movement of landless tenants & peasants)


The following information is provided by the Chairman of Anjuman-e-Muzareen Punjab (AMP) and it is mainly oral without documentary proof.

The Military Dairy Farm Okara comprises of six military farms. These farms cover an area of 18 chaks numbered as 3/4-L, 4/4-L, 5-A/4-L, 6/4-L, 8/4-L, 9/4-L, 10/4-L, 11/4-L, 12/4-L, 13/4-L, 17/4-L, 18/4-L, 20/4-L, 24/4-L, 25/4-L, 26/4-L, 44/3-R, and 45/3-R. In the early 20th century, land of the farm had been given to the ancestors of the peasants for cultivation and Abadkarai (habition) by the Government of British India. At that time, much of this region was infertile that could not be used for farming. The tenants were given the land with the promise that the peasants would be granted permanent ownership of the land once they succeeded in making it productive. The ancestors of the peasants succeeded in making the land fertile after much hardship, but the promise of ownership rights was not fulfilled.

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