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Sindhi Encyclopedia

HYDERABAD: Scholars’ help sought for encyclopaedia

Courtesy: Daily Dawn, June 23, 2008

HYDERABAD, June 22: Sindh Minister for Culture and Tourism Sassui Palijo has said that instructions have been issued for compiling a Sindhi encyclopedia and urged Sindhi writers, scholars and intellectuals to cooperate with the provincial government in this huge project.

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HYDERABAD: Gypsies hail from Sindh, claims Dr Kazi

HYDERABAD, Sept 24: Noted scholar and linguist Dr N. B. G. Kazi has said that gypsies’ original home is the Rohri-Sukkur area from where they spread out to other countries of the world over centuries. Speaking at a lecture programme on “Gypsies or Sinti”, he said that he had reached the conclusion after a through research that gypsies first migrated from Sindh to the Middle East. In Europe, they came from Egypt thus being called gypsies. The lecture was organised by the Institute of Sindhology in Jamshoro.

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