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Rationalising exploitation and atrocities

By: Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

Balochistan not only suffers because of the misuse of its natural gas resources and low employment but also because of the low prices for the misused gas

Punjab, with Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz in power, plans to take over gas resources through amending Article 158, which states: “Priority of requirements of natural gas: The Province in which a well-head of natural gas is situated shall have precedence over other parts of Pakistan in meeting the requirements from that well-head, subject to the commitments and obligations as on the commencing day.” Minister for Petroleum Khaqan Abbasi stated that it was unfair that CNG was available for vehicles in a gas-producing province (read Sindh and Balochistan) while fertiliser plants were closed in another province (read Punjab) due to non-availability of gas and added, “This needs to be rationalised. Pakistan belongs to all and provinces are a part of it.” Rationalising exploitation is their priority now.

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