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These are very interesting times in Pakistan!

NROs, Honestly! – by Marvi Sirmed


These are very interesting times in Pakistan. There are accusers, there are victims, there are spectators, there is a mediator, and there is a decider. All of them, not so clean. But all of them set against the victim for something all of them are the culprits – Corruption! The civil society mainly comprising educated urban middle class is taking a position relatively simplistic, but at higher grounds morally. The media is caught up in their own game, which is mainly catering their business interests and strongly rooted right wing elements within its ranks. Political parties are grasping the opportunity to depose present set up to take its place sooner than they had anticipated. The DECIDER is a bit vengeful, and a bit obliged to the right wingers for their support during former’s bad days. So, the whole mesh can be deciphered in one sentence: the accusers are joined by the mediators and deciders to bridle the horses of the victim! This all being purely political, tends to catch on popular morality and sentiment of the have-nots. The spectators, thus, is rolling eyes on whatever is fed to them.

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How Long Can Mr. Zardari Last In Power?

The court ruling on NRO is expected to pave the way for several petitions in the supreme Court, challenging both Mr. Zardari’s eligibility to contest the 2008 presidential election and the immunity that is granted to him under the Constitution. While ordering that all the withdrawn cases be revived, the court also said it did not trust the government prosecutors to do this, and was therefore appointing a monitoring cell in the Supreme Court as well as all the four provincial high courts for the speedy prosecution of the cases. President Zardari is in the direct line of fire by the superior court and the country’s establishment is behind the move and President Zardari is on their Notice board and radar.

Opinion- Sindhis should support restoration of judiciary including deposed chief justice of SCoP, justice Iftikhar

by Mohammad Khan Sial

I suggest that people of Sindh (Sindhis) must support Long March meant to restore judiciary including chief justice of supreme court of Pakistan (SCoP) Justice Chaudhry Iftikhar. Justice Chaudhry Iftikhar had took more than 5,500 suo moto actions including of missing Dr Safdar Sarki. I remember when I was in El-Campo, TX, I created a special website for Dr Safdar Sarki. On behalf of his family members, I made correspondence to Ms Benazir Bhutto Shaheed, Chairperson, PPP and other political parties. Only BB replied and strongly supported the release of Dr Sarki despite she was heading separate political party She strongly raised the issue of Dr sarki about 8/10 times at different occasions and assured all support to the family members of Dr Sarki.

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