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What Chater of Democracy says;

by Manzoor Chandio, Karachi, Sindh
The writer works in daily dawn, Karachi and he can be reached at catalyst2pk@yahoo.com
Blog: http://manzoorchandio.blogspot.com/
..Chauvinists with the religious obscurantists is not new phenomenon for Sindhis. From the Pakistan Resolution (1940 Resolution) to the Charter of Democracy, they have routinely flouted making Pakistan a constitutional democracy.
They have always cheated the Sindh, killed Sindhi leaders and looted the resources.. in the name of Pakistan and Islam. The Pakistan Resolution envisaged “sovereign” and “autonomous” states in Pakistan. Sixty years on, we have yet to see “sovereign” and “autonomous” Sindh. How the .. PML-N chauvinists .. recently threw the Charter of Democracy into a dustbin and started blackmailing the PPP government.

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Charter of Democracy Signed by Benazir Bhutto & Nawaz Shairf says;

Charter of Democracy Article 4 says;bb_last_moment
A federal constitutional court will be set-up to resolve constitutional issues, giving equal representation to each of the federating units, whose members may be Judges or persons qualified to be judges of the Supreme court, constituted for six years period. The Supreme Court and High courts will hear regular civil and criminal cases. The appointment of judges shall be made in the same manner as for judges of higher Judiciary.