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Chetti Chand, Sindhi Nain Saal Joon Mubarkun Jai Jhulelal


It is a time of Sindhi New Year again when many of us to stop to take time out from our busy life and join in Chetti Chand celebrations. As we reunite with family and friends to honour the traditions of Chetti Chand and the memories, let’s: Remember the diversity of our Sufi secular values and beliefs at the time of Chetti Chand celebration. Let’s pledge to change the world to one that shares opportunities with everyone through fairness and justice. Let’s dare to create the peaceful world we want. Let’s make the world around us practice, access, equality and inclusion for all. This is just a small message of Sindhyat, peace, love, happiness and hope of Chetti Chand. Sindhi Nain Saal Joon Mubarkun/ Wadhayoon and Jai Jhulelal to those who want to make Sindhi Boli ain Sahit Sabha an inclusive reality of our World.


by Indur Chhugani, India, ikchhugani@yahoo.com
It is a time for new beginnings & hope for a better tomorrow. We all talk about change. But how will that change come?
Change begins with a change in our mindset, a change in our hearts, and when we say that we can and we will make a difference!  We all want a more secure environment to live in, and a law and order system that provides this to us. We owe this to our children and their future