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Instead of new clothes, many forced to buy kafan

SIDNH : KARACHI – Followed by a fresh wave of violence that erupted across Karachi after the murder of former Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Member of National Assembly (MNA) Waja Karim Dad on Wednesday, the metropolitan was deserted on Friday. …

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Spiritual tools

I Ching: Chinese  spiritual tool can serve both as a source of spiritual learning and practical guidance.
Chakra: Literally, “wheel” in Sanskrit. However, its common meaning refers to various spiritual centers located in the subtle body. Although there are dozens of chakras in the subtle body, the six located along the spine and the seventh at the top of the head are most commonly discussed.
Incarnation: Individual life in a body. One is said to have many incarnations during the trek toward spiritual liberation at which time no more karma remains to be worked out.