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A single could be both mother & father to a child- University of Alberta

Will advances in stem-cell research mean the birth of the biological single parent?

BY ANNE McILROY, Science reporter

The latest advances in stem-cell research mean someone could some day become a biological single parent, the source of both the egg and the sperm needed to make a baby.

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Poetry From The Streets Of Toronto

BY: R.RAHI, Toronto, Canada
It’s fun no more
Witnessing our leaders
How shamelessly
Under the threat of their lives
They keep lowering their pants.

I have tried and failed
But there is still a hope
A gallant human soldier is
Gonna rise and help our
Leaders to hold tight on their belts

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The winners & the loosers!

by Asim Kaghzi, Calgary

The girl flogging video clip is a part of documentary relayed on Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) network in Canada, the same documentary also showed public punishment of a man as well, which is equally condemnable, the documentary also showed how the state has practically dissolved on ground in Swat area, the really shocking thing is the failure of State to prove totally ineffective in administration of law and order situation, it is very much true for Swat which is documented, also in Punjab when state was trying to control Noon League Munda from coming to Islamabad from Lahore, whereas state can shoot at site people in Sindh and Baluchistan.
So what does that mean, in my humble opinion, the state has started melting and is bifurcated between winners and losers. I see extremists as winners and Sindhis and Balochs as losers.

Courtesy: SANAlist, April 06, 2009

The first-ever local Sindhi Meet-up in Calgary by Word Sindh Congress

by Siraj Makhdoom, Calgary, Canada
On Saturday, April 18th, 2009, the World Sindhi Congress North America chapters will host the first-ever local Sindhi Meet-up in Calgary. This event will feature internationally distinguished speakers conducting workshops aimed at educating our community on human rights, civic rights and international peace activism.
More information about the event can be obtained by contacting, Asif Panhwar via phone 403-804-2743 or email, asif.panhwar@yahoo.ca

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President SANA Visiting Sindh

Report by Zulfiqar Halepoto, zhalepoto@yahoo.com
Dr Valeed Shaikh, President of Sindhi Association of North America (SANA) was here in Sindh for couple of days and had meetings and discussions with various friends from different walks of life including political leaders, writers, intellectuals, civil society activists, development practitioners and artists.
Those includes Nisar Ahmed Khuhro, Speaker of provincial Assembly of Sindh, writers Amar Jalil, Siraj Memon, Ibrahim Joyo, Mazhar-ul-Haq Siddiqi and others, President SANA extended formal invitations of Silver jubilee Convention of SANA in July 2009 at St Louise.

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U.S. Canada relationships- Obama’s visit to Canada

OTTAWA- “I love this country (Canada). We could not have a better friend and ally.” Barack Obama, U.S. President said in Canada.

Geography has made us neighbours. History has made us friends. Economic has made us partners. And necessity has made us allies. Those whom nature hath so joined together, let no man put asunder.” -John F. Kennedy

Rally in Toronto Against Taliban Atrocities

TORONTO: This Sunday, the Canadian Pashtun community staged protests the Taliban’s ongoing and brutal oppression of Pashtun people in Northwestern Pakistan. Answering the call of the Pashtun Peace Committee for a “first-ever anti-Taliban rally in Canada.” Says rally spokesman Inayat Khan Kakar:

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Quebec’s sovereigntist’s short history

1960> The Quiet Revolution in Quebec Spawns a series of independence- minded movements and parties. 1970> The Parti Quebecois, under Rene Levesque, wins its first seats in Quebec’s National Assembly. 1976> The PQ wins a majority of seats and forms the provincial government for the first time. 1980> The PQ holds a referendum on sovereignty association.. 1982> Canada repatriates the Constitution, collapses Lucien Bouchard quits the federal cabinet and founds the Bloc Quebecois. 1992> The Charlttetown Accord, another attempt to reform the Constitution, is jejected in a countrywide referendum. 1993> The Bloc Quebecois wins enough seats nationally to be the offical opposition in the House of Commons. 1995> A second referendom is held on sovereighty. It is narrowly defeated by 50.6% to 49.4% (one vote). 1999> The federal government passes the Clarity Act setting out terms under which it will recognize a province’s right to leave the federation.

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Lifting the veil on the niqab

There is no requirement in Islam to cover one’s face — the niqab is the epitome of male control over Muslim women
By Tarek Fatah, Citizen SpecialFebruary 5, 2009
Barely a week goes by when my religion, Islam, does not face a fresh round of scrutiny. If it is not a suicide bomber blowing himself up in an Iraqi mosque screaming “Allah O Akbar,” it is news that an imam in Malaysia has declared the practice of Yoga sinful. If it is not a Toronto imam defending suicide bombing on TVO, a Muslim woman writes a column in a Canadian daily, advocating the introduction of Shariah law in Canada. Continue reading Lifting the veil on the niqab

The doctrine of jihad be denounced as inhuman- The Muslim Canadian Congress (MCC)

MCC shocked at Mumbai terrorist attack “Doctrine of Jihad must be denounced as inhuman”

TORONTO – The Muslim Canadian Congress (MCC), in expressing shock and dismay at the terror strikes in Mumbai has condemned these egregious acts of violence .

In a statement, the MCC said, there is little doubt that which ever jihadi outfit was behind this heinous crime, it was motivated by hate and a want to sabotage the recent thawing of relations between India and Pakistan. The bombings come barely a week after peace overtures by President Asif Zardari who stated he did not see India as an adversary and had called for closer relations.

The MCC statement called on world leaders to confront the scourge of Islamist terrorism by challenging the validity of the doctrine of jihad as laid out by the worldwide Islamist movement led by the Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda, and a myriad of soft jihadi organizations in the West.

Unless and until this doctrine of jihad is confronted at the ideological level, fighting the war on terror is like shooting individual mosquitoes to combat malaria. Without challenging the Islamist doctrine of armed Jihad, it is futile to confront the jihadis. Just as Canada and its allies waged a war against Nazis as part of the war against Germany, today Canada and its allies should expose the doctrine of Jihad as pronounced by such Islamists as the later Syed Qutb and Syed Maudoodi, as inhuman and unfit for the modern world.

The MCC hopes that Muslims all over the world will unite to fight the curse of extremist and militant ideologies that sully the name of Islam and bring much disrepute to Muslims.

The MCC is also calling upon the Canadian government to do all it can to help get a speedy release of the six Canadian hostages held by militants.

November 27, 2008