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Pakistan – the problem with graveyards

IDPs and the problem with graveyards —Farhat Taj

Relatives of a passed away IDP carry his or her dead body from place to place in search of kind people who will allow the body to be buried in their graveyard. Many people are burying dead bodies in other people’s graveyards for a certain duration of time, with the promise to remove the remains after that time …

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First clean the mess of home then blames others

By Shakeel Nizamani, Calgary

The recent event of burying women in Balochistan and then defending it by one of them showed some real picture of these Balochistan, who claim to be terrorized by Islamabad security forces, rightly so, but at the same time they themselves are committing the acts of terrorism on their women. Keeping quite and not condemning act, to me, simply is nothing but HYPOCRISY and it makes them accomplice to this act.

In such circumstances, if they get freedom or whatever you call it, it may be freedom for these Sardars but not for common people of Baluchistan and specially not for vulnerable ones like women.

Everybody was clamoring on the death of , rightly so, but these women were as human as he was… No Baloch/Sindhi is making noise for the cause of justice specially not those ones who are in the power and the silence of so-called nationalists/ progressive leaders unmasks their hypocrisy.

These so-called progressive Sardars and freedom fighter should, at least, condemn this act in no certain terms. First clean the mess of  home then blames others.

August 31, 2008