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Brought to book: Jemima Khan on appearing in her ex-husband’s memoir

– What’s it like to appear in someone else’s book without your knowledge or approval? After Jemima Khan got her hands on Imran Khan’s book, she had the opportunity to discuss Pakistan and their time together with her ex-husband

“Too late. Don’t worry Jem – you come across as you always wanted to – Joan of Arc,” was the response I got from my ex-husband, Imran Khan, when I asked if it would be possible to read his memoirs before they were published.

Imran and I have remained on very good terms. He even uses my mother’s house as a London base when he’s in the UK. Still, hearing that there was a chapter in Pakistan: A Personal History entitled “My Marriage”, was, I’ll admit, unsettling. I wrestled an advance copy, a brick of a book, from my sons (to whom it had been dedicated, as well as to “the youth of Pakistan”). ….

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US Lawmaker Wants Mumbai Attackers Brought Before International court

Washington: Casting doubts over whether Pakistan will be sincere in holding the trial of its nationals suspected to involved in the Mumbai terror attack, an influential they should be tried before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) at The Hague. This is first time that a call has been made to make terrorist acts’ planners and those who carry out the attacks to be brought before an international tribunal on the ground that the Mumbai carnage was a “crime against humanity.” There is no reason for us to be secure in the belief that these planners would face justice (in Pakistan), said Ed Royee from California, a member of the House of sub-committee on Terrorism and Non-proliferation complaining that terrorists who planned attacks on Indian Parliament in December 2001 had been  let off after initial arrest. Sothe said all those involved in planning these attacks should be transferred to face trial before the international community in The Hague in Netherlands.

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