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The Bitches!

by Dr. Shazia Nawaz

This is a reply to J. Sahib who keeps calling American women “bitches”. On the beach, we saw these two teenagers wearing shirts; one shirt said bitch no.1, and the other one said bitch #2, we found it hilarious.

It is extremely difficult to understand for a Pakistani man that what kind of self confidence an American (Western) woman has and why.

Europe and America is heaven for women. Myself and my daughter are blessed to be American women.

No one would force us to do anything here. We are free to choose our way of life for ourselves. We do not have to date if we do not want to but if we wanted, no one can stop us. We can wear whatever we want, we can go inside the water (ocean etc) and men do not stand in line staring at us making us feel uncomfortable. No one will force us to go to a bar, we would only go if we wanted to. But no one can kill us here for going to a bar.

We can drive in USA and jog on a street with out being harassed. If our husbands ever hit us, it only takes police to get here in 5 minutes or less. And trust me, they do put a stop to domestic violence, and it works for poor women too. In Pakistan only rich and influential families can protect their daughters from domestic violence.

We can make our own decisions. every single one. Something as simple as if we want to go to a library. I was 25 when internet became a hit in Pakistan. I had just finished my medical school, while my younger brother, 22, was still in medical school. I joined a computer school to learn how to use a computer properly. My brother came to pick me up and saw that there was a video game shop in front of the computer school and about 25 boys were standing there. Although both myself and my brother had studied in co-education all our lives, boys at a video game shops were considered ghunds/lafangas by my brother. So, he decided that since there is a game shop there, I am not allowed to go learn computer. This is what I wanted most at that point in my life; learn how to use a computer.

No matter what a big fight I put up, I was not allowed to go to that computer school again. Society makes it difficult for your brothers. Brothers make it difficult for each others sisters by staring and teasing each others sisters.

Here in USA, we make our own decision. Call us bitches if you want, just know what we have, your women can only dream of. Or perhaps they can not even dream of it, they do not know what it is.

Courtesy: → Pakistani e-lists/ e-groups, August 19, 2011.