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AHRC on the killings of three Baloch nationalist leaders

AHRC-STM-087-2009, April 11, 2009
A Statement by the Asian Human Rights Commission
PAKISTAN: Fingers point at state intelligence agencies in the killings of three Baloch nationalist leaders
Three Baloch nationalist leaders were killed after their abduction by plain clothes persons in mysterious vehicles that bore no registration plates.

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Will he give us rights!

By Farhan Soomro

.. 1. Will he stop the genocide of Balochs and bring the security forces back to barracks? 2. Will he give right to self determination to the federating units and nations which is inherited right of every nation as said by the Canadian court? 3. Will he give fare share in water to Sindh? 4. Will he give fare share to Sindh and Baloch in NFC award? 5. Will he give justice to Dr. Safdar Sarki who is being tortured for more than 20 months?

Unfortunately, some Sindhi intellectuals and writers are too much obsessed with PPP government and judiciary reinstatement. I am not for independent judiciary but I am for non-partisan judiciary.

There are more critical issues we need to worry about. Like Dr.King said and president hopeful Obama repeated on campaign trail here “fierce urgency of now”. We all need to keep out “eyes on the prize” and struggle for the rights of common people.

Courtesy: SANAlist

Sep 07, 2008