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Misuse of military courts will not be allowed, vows Zardari

By Dawn.com

GARHI KHUDA BAKHSH: Speaking at the Bhutto mausoleum to mark Benazir Bhutto’s death anniversary on Saturday, former president and Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari vowed that the misuse of military courts will not be allowed. He said the PPP will only accept military courts when it is proven that they are not being used politically

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Pakistan: Bilawal Bhutto Zardari leads first PPP rally

Tens of thousands of Pakistanis have attended the first mass rally held by the son of murdered Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.

By Shahzeb Jillani, BBC News, Karachi, Sindh

Karachi has not seen such a huge PPP rally for years. The party is trying to show that it still has mass appeal, and can compete with other opposition politicians such as Imran Khan. It is, after all, a party that has fought military dictatorships in Pakistan time and again over the last four decades.

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Sindh marches for freedom

By Kirshna Y.

About five million Sindhis marched in Karachi and demanded United Nations and the world community for their intervention for the freedom of Sindh.

Numbers matter. Opinions matter more. If combined together, they determine a vast arena of matters. This is what one can say about the South Asia’s populist and the peaceful most freedom movement ongoing in Sindh. No doubt, the movement has been giving the sparkly glitz since last a few years.

On March 23, 2014, millions of Sindhi people from across the Sindh province held a ‘Freedom March for Sindh’ on the call of Jeay Sindh Qomi Mahaz (JSQM) in Karachi, the capital city of Sindh. They demanded “Independence of Sindh” by appealing the world community especially the United Nations, USA, UK, Russia, France and China for their ‘support and intervention” for the freedom of Sindh to attain its sovereign and independent country. It is worth mentioning here that JSQM is one of secular most political parties in Pakistan.

The march was held on the Republic Day of Pakistan on March 23, 2014. It was also held on the same day in 2012 and was attended by at least two million people. The popular most Sindhi nationalist leader of the last two decades, Bashir Qureshi who was Chairman of Jeay Sindh Qomi Mahaz (JSQM) was poisoned to death by Pakistan?s military establishment and died within a couple of week in April 2012 after holding the freedom march.

After his death, his son Sanan Qureshi, who is in his twenties, was elected as Chairperson of JSQM. Bashir Qureshi’s younger brother Maqsood Qureshi was already a member of GMist Council, the higher most forum of the organization.


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Shaheed Bibi, we are ashamed…

by Iqbal Tareen


How could we live with our conscious in peace without bringing assassins of Shaheed Raani to justice? Mohtarma was not a private person but a hope for 170 million peoples of Pakistan especially for the poor men, women, and children of Pakistan. No one even her husband or children have right to forgive anyone of her assassins or let them off the hook.

I know Bibi said “Democracy is a best revenge” but democracy without justice can’t deliver the revenge. Let us pledge not to rest until the culprits involved in this heinous crime are sent to court of law.

Let us fill up the streets, ring the tallest bells for justice and send a powerful message to Chief justice Chaudhry Iftikhar that civil society and peoples of Pakistan did not support him for restoration of Chief Justice but justice in Pakistan.

Above documentary was produced and released by Sindh TV News on Shaheed Benazir Bhutto’s death anniversary. It is an apology submitted to Shaheed Raani for failing to catch her assassins and conspirators. Please click http://vimeo.com/11411306 to watch this video.

May 3, 2010

Benazir Bhutto Assassination case and PPP

by Munwar Ali

… fact of the matter is that the Sindhi leaders and PPP leaders with whom we had lots of hope attached, have given us so many troubles that we don’t feel any appreciation for them. They are now letting the BBs murder go unaccounted for. This is just unfortunate and some times its hard to digest.

May 1, 2010

Fatima Bhutto should calm down after BBs murder and think rationally

Sanam disputes Fatima’s views


As the last surviving child of Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, I feel a sense of obligation to respond to some of the allegations made by my niece Fatima Bhutto in her recently published book Songs of Blood and Sword.

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Contributions of Z.A. Bhutto & Benazir Bhutto for welfare of Sindh and Sindhis

by Khalid Hashmani
After realizing that the representation of Sindhis was substantially lower than their population, he secured buy-in from of the Pakistani establishment to reserve 19% Federal jobs for Sindh with 60% and 40% allocation between rural and urban areas respectively. The nationalization of Banks, Insurance companies, and Heavy Industries further expanded this coverage to a part of private sector as well.

Those who went to Sindh’s colleges and universities (including Sindh University) in mid sixties know that only about 30% of students were Sindhis. Z. A. Bhutto played a key role in establishing a quota system with 60%-40% rural-urban distribution.

Helped to open seven or eight major institutions in Sindh (including Khairpur University, Chandka Medical College, Nawabshah Engineering College, Nawabshah Girls Medical College, etc.) thereby substantially increasing educational opportunities for Sindhis.

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PPP awards 5 major districts of Sindh to MQM to keep Zardari president

SDF urges govt to make core committee decisions public

By Aziz Malik

Courtesy: daily dawn

SDF demanded that the PPP govt should respect the will and announcement of the party’s assassinated leader Benazir Bhutto to reverse the decision of bifurcation of Hyderabad and Karachi into its previous position of five districts.

HYDERABAD: Sindh Democratic Forum has expressed grave concern over the news of handing over five districts of Sindh, including Karachi, Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas, Nawabshah and Sukkur to Muttahida Qaumi Movement to decide the appointment of administrators and demanded that all the decisions taken by the core committee of PPP and MQM should be made public.

The Forum expressed surprise that under so-called reconciliation, the PPP government is giving undue advantage to MQM in those areas where even MQM has no political say and following. This non-political and non-democratic approach of PPP is against the wishes of the people of Sindh, who expect that the government would observe rules of the game to appoint administrators on merit basis to ensure the accountability of outgoing local governments and ensure free and fair elections on promised timeframe.

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The politics of Brigadier ‘Billa’

By Tahir Hasan Khan, Karachi, Sindh

Courtesy: The News, Monday, August 31, 2009

Brigadier (Retired) Imtiaz, also known as “Billa” is not new for the people of Sindh. He was Sindh ISI chief when political activist Nazeer Abbasi was murdered and a PIA plane was hijacked in early 80’s. The purpose of the murder of political activist Nazeer Abbasi was to warn political workers and the hijacking incident was to sabotage the MRD (Movement for Restoration of Democracy) action launched against Gen Zia-ul Haq. As a result of his work, Billa was promoted as brigadier in the army.

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“The People of Kashmir are the Masters of their own Destiny”: G. M. Mir

Washington, D.C. April 19, 2009. “The people of Kashmir are the masters of their destiny, ” said Mr. Ghulam Mohammad Mir, former President of Jammu Kashmir Plebiscite Front at a reception given in his honor by the Kashmiri American Council/Kashmir Center, Washington, D.C.

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The resemblance of Fatima Bhutto with Benazir Bhutto

fatimabhutto1The broken bloodline
by Declan Walsh
Courtesy: The Guardian, Friday 11 January 2008
Article history
Fatima Bhutto is Benazir’s niece. The resemblance is striking: the long nose, the headstrong personality, the burning rage about a father’s violent death. Declan Walsh meets the woman who would have been the heir to Benazir’s throne – if it weren’t for the family feud that came between them.

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Justice Chudhry v/s Justice Dogar

by Manzoor Chandio, Karachi, Sindh
The writer works in daily dawn Karachi and he can be reached at catalyst2pk@yahoo.com
Blog: http://manzoorchandio.blogspot.com/
Justice Chaudhry took his oath from military dictator Musharraf. Justice Dogar took his oath from military dictator Musharraf. What’s the difference?.. As far as Justice Chaudhry’s performance is concerned, I think Justice Dogar is second to none.
Justice Chaudhry worked his entire tenure under an unconstitutional military regime. Justice Dogar worked most of his tenure under a constitutional government.
Justice Dogar took hundreds of suo moto actions, including eight after reading Kawish. These cases related to the violation of human rights, abuses of women and children.
Late BB, the PPP and we all supported the reinstatement of judges not the removal of judges. The PML-N kept demanding the removal of judges which is against the Constitution.
There is a provision in the Constitution that judges can be appointed but judges can’t be removed.
We’ve always deliberated that all problems are created by military regimes which continue spiraling affecting democratic governments for years. The judges’ issue was created by a military government which has domino effects till today and it will continue for years. What is dangerous now that the PML-N are not ready to look forward to make a fresh start?
Yes Punjab and PML-N have right to protest. And there should not be police and army to stop them. For the last 63 years, establishment turned the green of Bengal into red, they raped thousands of women, they killed and maimed thousands of Sindhis during the MRD for demanding democracy and they killed and bombed the Baloch for demanding freedom.
Even during the lawyers’ movement, we saw bodies of Sindhis lying on Shahra Faisal. Hundreds of people were killed and hundred others were injured. But guns were silent in Punjab on the same day. Even lathis were not used. Why this difference?

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Is Sanam Bhutto living under financially difficult situation? Is this true?

by Khalid Hashmani, McLean, Virginia, USA
I strongly doubt that the subject story, which is widely reported in Pakistani media is true.
A report in Khaleej Times in yesterday’s edition says that the story is
http://www.khaleejtimes.com/DisplayArticle.asp?xfile= data/international/2009/March/international_ March1588. xml&section=international&col=
a fabrication. According to the newspaper, Ms Sanam Bhutto talked to the media in London at the Pakistan High Commission, and said the report is a ” vicious attack on ‘me, my family and the memory of Benzir Bhutto Shaheed’.
I doubt that Bhutto family would need charity from any one. I would think, there are millions of poor Sindhis in rural Sindh who need our urgent help more than the affluent Bhutto family.
Now a days, the conspiracies are bountiful in Pakistan. The objective of many of these conspiracies appear to see the destruction of PPP which is the only platform that support of overwhelming majority of Sindhis. Let us not fall victim to these conspiracies unwittingly.

Letter to Bibi in heaven

by Ali Nawaz Memon Senior Vice President PPP, USA
The writer can be reached at: sindhhouse@hotmail.com
Dear Bibi Asalam Alaikum I hope and pray that you are safe and protected in heaven. Thanks to your ultimate sacrifice, our PPP won the elections. PPP has been in power for almost a year. I think that NRO that you negotiated has been misinterpreted. All those who could not be prosecuted for their misdeeds because they had run away, are back through NRO. All past crimes have been forgiven. Precedent has been set for forgiving future crimes too. Accountability has been abolished. You will be surprised to know that these runaways have the real power rather than the parliament. I am sorry to report that we still do not know who was behind your murder. Our party has control over all the police, all the investigative agencies and all the files, but we have done little to find the murderers.

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Martyred Bibi’s Vision

By Wajid Shamsul Hasan, London
The writer can be reached at: w.hasan@virgin.net
London: My mind, heart and soul refuse to accept that she is no more with us. Every day that I have passed ever since she was cold-bloodedly assassinated on December 27 last year by the cruellest scum on earth it has been an unending painful agony from a wound deep down that refuses to heal. Despite application of strongest will to control–whenever I have to speak and write about her -though my eyes by now should have got dried of tears-a cascade overflows involuntarily.

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Our beloved leader Shaheed Benazir Bhutto

What is next in store for Sindhis and what could we do fight to secure Justice

By Khalid Hashmani, McLean, Virginia

Today’s 14th day since our beloved leader Benazir Bhutto was brutally murdered by the combined evil forces that appear to run Pakistan now days. These evil forces want to perpetuate their hegemony over Sindhis and other tolerant and forward-looking people of Pakistan and eliminate any one who oppose their dictatorship. With very little representation in the key decision-making institutions, Benazir Bhutto offered Sindhis the only hope for getting fairness and justice peacefully. Now that she has been taken away from us by those who want to enslave Sindhis, we must not only fight for justice for us but also for her.

The question that we need to seriously ponder is what is next in store for Sindhis and what could we do fight to secure Justice for Shaheed Benazir Bhutto and us? Engaging in e-mail discussions, praising and/or criticizing other Sindhi groups is one thing, but the need of the hour is to sincerely pledge and devote ourselves to secure fairness and justice for all Sindhis and other downtrodden people of Pakistan.

Benazir’s own blood family and political family (PPP) have left no doubt that they do not expect any justice for her from any investigations and inquiries being conducted by the present Pakistan government. They are demanding that UN must conduct an inquiry into the question as to who killed her and who had the motivation and opportunity to murder her. The global community in general and Sindhis in particular, have also taken initiatives to pursue UN to become a venue for justice for Benazir. An online petition appealing to UN to conduct an investigation has been signed by almost 8,000 persons with hundreds more signing it each day. Several friends have issued statements that in this critical hour, every Sindhi must join PPP and make it the platform of choice for their struggle to achieve fairness and justice. I can understand it that this is an “election time” and the Sindhi leaders of the PPP feel that it would not be prudent to specifically demand fairness and justice for Sindhis openly in the same way as ANP is fighting for the rights of Pashtuns in NWFP and Baloch nationalist parties doing the rights of Baluch. However, PPP’s Sindhi leaders must realize that the reaction of Sindhi masses over the loss of their only hope (benazir Bhutto) to achieve fairness and justice peacefully clearly shows that they are totally unhappy with the injustices they have been suffering at the hands of the present and some past Pakistani governments. The Sindhi leaders of PPP must recognize that after the elections, Sindhis masses would insist PPP to openly talk about Sindhi plight and forcefully fight for their rights. To get a sense of the deep sadness of Sindhis, read the excepts reproduced below from the Wall Street Journal photo gallery about reaction of Sindhis after hearing the news about the shahdat of Benazir Bhutto. By the same token, Sindhi masses and opinion influencers has to realize that there is nothing enemies of Sindhis would like than see Sindhis move away from PPP and become disunited in many groups.

In my view, the following are some of the practical actions and steps that we Sindhis must take in the immediate future:

* Keep the unity as a focal point and FULLY support vigils, protest marches, and other form of demonstrations that demand justice for Benazir Bhutto and others.

* PPP leadership must recognize that Benazir Bhutto was leader of all Sindhis and should not insist that any grievance or protest should solely be channeled through the PPP platform. On the contrary PPP leadership should encourage their party members to join any protest, demonstrations, and acts of grievances for Benazir Bhutto regardless of who organizes them.

* Organize a massive hunger strike in front of the UN office and in front of other key institutions in Europe, USA, Pakistan , and other countries to demand UN investigation of Benazir Bhutto’s killing and in the plight of Sindhis and Baluch.

* Raise funds to place full-page appeals in world-class newspapers demanding demand UN investigation of Benazir Bhutto’s killing and in the plight of Sindhis and Baluch.

* Create a central committee of overseas  to coordinate activities and actions to demand UN investigation of Benazir Bhutto’s killing and in the plight of Sindhis and Baluch.

* Formulate fouus groups in all major cities and towns and hold weekly sessions to formulate plans and take actions to demand UN investigation of Benazir Bhutto’s killing and in the plight of Sindhis and Baluch.

Are we ready to take some practical and pragamatic actions to secure justice and fairness for Benazir Bhutto and Sindhi masses or must we continue to limit expressing our frustration through e-mails and statements?

If there are any volunteers to provide help by contiibuting towards newspapers ads and joining in peaceful protests and hunger strikes in front of the UN office and in front of other key institutions in Europe, USA, Pakistan , and other countries to demand UN investigation of Benazir Bhutto’s killing and in the plight of Sindhis, Balochs and other oppressed Pakistanis.

Nov. 01, 2008