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Sindhis Beyond South East Sindh

Searching the World for Sindhis comes natural to every Sindhi. Everyone knows that partition brought untold miseries to hundereds of thousands of Sindhis. Sindh may not have been divided territorially but the psycholigical wounds have been so intense that they will continue to hurt. Thinking of partition for many of us only brings the plight of Hindus who were displaced but the fact now is that it was not only Hindu Families who were displaced but many Sindhi Muslims, Sindhi Christians, Sindhi Parsees and Sindhi Jews were cut off psychologically from their territory. On the left we give an extract of Sindhi Muslims now in Gugrat and above a short history of Ahmad Bukhash Sindhi of Bekanir Rajisthan.

Courtesy & Thanks: Gorakh Hill, Sanaland