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Huge Bangladesh rally seeks death penalty for Islamists

Hundreds of thousands of people are rallying in the Bangladesh capital Dhaka, calling for the death penalty for Islamists on trial for war crimes. The protests have been going on since Tuesday, when one of the accused, Abdul Kader Mullah, got a life sentence ….

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Happy Independence Day, India and Pakistan. And congratulations Bangladesh, for having moved on

Midnight’s problem child

by Omar Ali

Pakistan and India are celebrating the 64th anniversary of “Freedom at midnight” with their usual mix of nationalism and jingoism (Bangladesh seems to ignore this nightmarish dream anniversary and will be mostly ignored in this article). The fashionable opinion about India (within and without, though perhapsless on the Indian left) seems fairly positive; about Pakistan, decidedly muddled if not outright negative. Is this asymmetry another manifestation of the unfair assessments of an Islamophobic world? Or does this difference in perception have a basis in fact? .

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Pak major’s account reveals Jamaat role

Accounts of the occupation force members too bear out how Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh and its paramilitary wings styled Razakar, Al Badr, and Al Shams Bahini worked fervently against the country’s war of independence.

For instance, Siddiq Salik, who was serving the Pakistan army as a major in Bangladesh in 1971, in his book ‘Witness to Surrender’ recounts the anti-liberation role of Jamaat, Muslim League and Nizam-i-Islam.

He observed that Jamaat leaders collaborated with them [Pakistan army] not only to advance their ideals of Pakistan as an Islamic state, but also to wreak vengeance on people they were at enmity with.

Referring to the drives against Bangalee freedom fighters, he wrote, “These operations were only a partial success because the West Pakistani troops neither knew the faces of the suspects nor could they read the lane numbers (in Bengali). …

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Sindhi, Baloch, and Pushtun Delegates Meet Sheikh Hasina in Washington DC

Forwarded by: Khalid Hashmani (McLean, Virginia, USA)

Jail Hattya Dibosh
Monday, November 3, 2008

Courtesy and Thanks: NewBanglaDc
Sheikh Hasina Observed the Jail Killing Day
Washington DC Metro Awami League solemnly observed the jail killing day on November 2nd at the Best Western Hotel in Virginia. Awami League President and Ex-Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was present on the occasion as the Chief Guest. The speakers showed their heartfelt tribute to the national leaders and demanded justice. On November 3rd, 1975, four of our national leaders of the Bangladesh Liberation War – Syed Nazrul Islam, Tajuddin Ahmed, M. Quamruzzaman and Captain Mansir Ali, were brutally killed by the disgruntled army conspirators in the Dhaka Central Jail. Since then this day has been observed by the Bangladeshis living all over the world as the Prison Killing Day (Jail Hattya Dibosh). Please watch the ten-minute long highlights of Sheikh Hasina’s speech here:

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