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Shaheed Ali Mohd Mengal (August 19th 1973)

Few man stand the test of time & live in the memory of an entire nation. Time tested again and again, Ali Mohd Mengal stood firm & brave in his fight against the oppressors.  Under the leadership of Shaheed Nouroze Khan he gought against Ayuob Khan regime and rose his voice for Balouch cause. However, on August 19th, 1973 in the area of Jhalawan, like a true Sarmachar, he fought to last breath till his blood washed th soil of his beloved land. Shaheed Ali Mohd Mengal and other martyrs do not die. They live on in the hearts and souls of today’s Sarmachars,  motivating them energizing them, and reminding them the cause of Baloch people.

DC rally seeks UN help for Baluchistan

kbWashington, DC, Press Release, April 17, 2009
A highly successful protest rally in front of the Pakistan Embassy in Washington DC demanded complete pullout of troops and intelligence services from Baluchistan.. The rally organized by Baluch human rights activist Maqbool Aliani and American Friends of Baluchistan (AFB) leaders Nabi Baloch, Laurie Deamer and Mohammed Ali Baloch condemned Pakistan for genocide and state terrorism in Baluchistan.

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