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PAKISTAN: Five more disappeared persons are extrajudicially killed in Balochistan

Name of victims: 1. Mr. Hameed Shaheen, son of Haji Ghous Baksh, former chairman of Baloch Student Organization (BSO Azad), resident of Muslimabad of Sariab Quetta, Balochistan.

2. Mr. Fareed Baloch, Student of Balochistan University of Engineering and Technology Khuzdar, zonal president of Baloch Student Organization (BSO Azad).

3. Mr. Arif Noor, son of Noor Muhammad Baloch, was an employee as 16 grade officer in Gwadar Development Authority (GDA)

4: Mr. Saleh Muhammad, son of Nuroz Khan, resident of Balochistan

5. Mr. Muhammad Nawaz Marri, resident of Balochistan

Names of alleged perpetrators: Law enforcement agencies

Date of incident: 2011, Place of incident: Quetta, Khuzdar, Windar, Balochistan

Read more : Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC)

Incidentally, even today, like “Sindh regiment”, “Baloch regiment” is also predominantly staffed with Punjabi soldiers!

Love in the Time of 1971: The Furore over Meherjaan

The film Meherjaan, which was released in Dhaka in January 2011, was quickly pulled out of theatres after it created a furore among audiences. The hostile responses to the film from across generations highlight the discomfort about the portrayal of a raped woman, and its depiction of female and multiple sexualities during the Bangladesh liberation war of 1971. The furore also underscores the nationalist repoliticisation of the younger generation in Bangladesh and its support for the ongoing war crimes tribunal of the 1971 war.

To read full article : http://epw.in/epw/uploads/articles/15845.pdf

Sindh Needs to Stand Up against the Religious Extremism!

By Dr. Ahmed H. Makhdoom, Singapore

Salman Taaseer is killed! So…? Nawab Akbar Bugti is murdered! Did anybody care? Benazir Bhutto is gunned down! Who are the killers? … Who bothers? There are countless innocent Balochs becoming victims of target killing! Any justice for them?

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Amid chauvinists’ propaganda

by: Malik Siraj Akbar

August 17, 2009 at 6:09 pm

My recent article, A Home Grown Conflict, was published in the Times of India on August 11, 2009. In this write-up I have argued that the Balochistan conflict is a purely indigenous one rather than being ignited by India.

While the article was widely appreciated by Balochs and the supporters of the Baloch cause across Pakistan and abroad, a section of ultra-nationalist Punjabi chauvinists in Pakistan has initiated a massive abusive and threatening campaign against me.

This group of people, which regrettably, but understandably, includes several journalists as well. They insist I have committed “sedition” and proved to be an “Indian agent” by speaking ‘against Pakistan’ in an Indian newspaper. They are demanding that Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) should condemn the article and constitute a legal action committee against me. Some others are endeavoring to reach my editor to get me fired from my job. In addition, the article has brought me a lot of abusive and threatening phone calls and e-mails.

In fact, it is the first time the people are getting a Baloch perspective on the Balochistan issue. In the past, the only people who reported about Balochistan were the ones who sat in air-conditioned rooms of Lahore and Islamabad. They did not know the difference between Baloch and Balochi, Kech and Turbat but still pretended to know everything about Balochistan. They tremendously mislead the public opinion. Now, they feel threatened that anti-establishment, rather than ISPR-dictated, voices are being fearlessly raised from Balochistan.

In the meanwhile I am deeply thankful to all of the senior journalists and my readers who have stood united with me in the aftermath of the publication of the article. I would also wish to thank the Times of India management for assuring me of “full professional support” in case propaganda against me gets out of control. Last but not the least; I still stand on every word of my article. I believe trouble in Balochistan is caused by Pakistan itself.

Courtesy: http://gmcmissing.wordpress.com/2009/08/17/amid-chauvinists%E2%80%99-propaganda/

Shaheed Ali Mohd Mengal (August 19th 1973)

Few man stand the test of time & live in the memory of an entire nation. Time tested again and again, Ali Mohd Mengal stood firm & brave in his fight against the oppressors.  Under the leadership of Shaheed Nouroze Khan he gought against Ayuob Khan regime and rose his voice for Balouch cause. However, on August 19th, 1973 in the area of Jhalawan, like a true Sarmachar, he fought to last breath till his blood washed th soil of his beloved land. Shaheed Ali Mohd Mengal and other martyrs do not die. They live on in the hearts and souls of today’s Sarmachars,  motivating them energizing them, and reminding them the cause of Baloch people.

State of Union of Pakistan 62 years later

By Khalid Hashmani, USA

Can any Pakistani honestly say that Pakistan has turned out to be the country that they or their fathers had envisioned 62 years ago? Even among the privileged class such as military and civilian bureaucracy, who have been the primary beneficiaries of what has cooked and re-cooked in Pakistan, would admit that it is not all fair in Pakistan. Many Baloch demonstrated on the 62nd Independence Day under the banner that said, “De-celebrating the Pakistan’s Independence Day”. Many Sindhis either stayed out of the Independence Day celebrations or made comments such as “Pakistan Zindabad. Jeay Sindh Dharti. May Allah this year give true autonomy to all provinces so all can live in peace” or “May Allah bless all people of Pakistan and show right path to the leaders.” “30 Lakh Bangaliyoon ka qat’l Mubarik, Hazaroon Balouchoon ke Laa’sh Mubarik, Senkroon Sindhi Ma’aoon kee Ujree Jholia’an ke Mubarak”, and “I am a Sindhi – a Hindu Sindhi, with roots in Hyderabad, Sindh, in modern day Pakistan. I cannot celebrate the creation of Pakistan – because August the 14th stands as a reminder that my family was uprooted”. The world calls Pakistan as the “hub for planning and training terrorists and global terrorism”. Hundreds of Pakistanis are dying each month on account of terrorism. Minorities feel unsafe and common men and women feel oppressed. Indeed, one wonders what went wrong and why it went wrong and what can be done to steer Pakistan on the right path? This article attempts to answer both of these questions.

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Cyber-warriors —Haider Nizamani

Courtesy: The News

by: Haider Nizamani, Canada

The late Edward Said, the eloquent and incorrigible voice of Palestinians on the world stage, had fundamental disagreements with Yasser Arafat but I haven’t come across one sentence where he turned it into personal mud-slinging.

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