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Shaheed Nisar’s mission can not be killed

Baloch community of Bahrain mourns over the killing of Shaheed Nisar Baloch. The community has organized a condolence meeting on 8th November in Bahrain to pay tribute to slain Baloch political and social activist Shaheed Nisar Baloch. The community has expressed its solidarity to Shaheed’s family on their grave loss and strongly condemns this cowardly act.

Shaheed Nisar Baloch has lived his life for the betterment of the Baloch nation. His social activities against the land mafia an ethnic group in regards to Guttar Baghicha were disturbing the ruling influential ethnic group of Karachi, Sindh. It has been concluded by the community that the murder of Shaheed Nisar Baloch is a part of the Baloch nation’s genocide. Bullets and inhuman torture can not divert Baloch nation from the legacy of our Shaheed.