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Baluchs make a passionate plea for Independence at Washington DC International Conference

By: Khalid Hashmani

The “American Friends of Baluchistan” organized an International Conference On November 21, 2009 in Washington DC. According to organizers, the main purposes of the conference were to highlight issues in Eastern and Western Baluchistan that organizers and to pay tribute to Baluch leader Balaach Marri, who was slain two years ago. This all-day conference was very well attended with many standing in the back of the meeting room. The venue of the conference was National Press Club in downtown Washington, DC. The list of persons who addressed or presented papers was long and covered a variety of topics from history of Balochistan to happenings as recent as three days ago. The presenters included Selig Harrison (Asia Director at the Center for International Policy), Aziz Baloch (British Columbia representative of Baloch Human Rights Council and former General Secretary of Baloch Student Organization), Andrew Eva (an expert on resistance warfare fighting for his homeland Lithuania to regain independence), Saghir Shaikh (a Sindhi Rights activist and former Chair of World Sindhi Congress), Wendy Johnson and Annie Nocenti (co-producers of wll-known “The Baluch” documentary), Zafar Baloch (A Baloch Rights activist from Toronto, Canada), T. Kumar (Advisory Director for International Issues for Amnesty International), Gul Agha (A Computer Scientist and a well-known speaker on Sindhi Rights), Musa Arjemandi (brother of Norwegian Ehhan Arjemandi, who recently disappeared in Pakistan), Humaira Rahman (A Sindhi Rights activist and the General Secretary of World Sindhi Institute) and others.

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Martyr of Balochistan, Shaheed Balaachi Marri

by Dr. Ahmed Makhdoom

Balochs are our blood brothers – as a Sindhi, I have a special kinship with Balochs, I consider myself related to them and throughout centuries of living together and loving and respecting each other we have become entwined and inseparable.

If a bullet of the tyrants penetrates and runs through the heart of any Baloch, I feel the pain, extreme pain, hurt, distress, anguish and deep grief and sorrow. I have been living with that deep wound, that painful hurt, since this brother of mine, the valiant, illustrious son of Baloch nation, Balaach Marri Saaeen was Martyred.

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