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Fomer‬ Pakistan Air Chief Asghar Khan says Pakistan started all 4 wars with ‪‎India‬.

Former Pakistan Air Chief Asghar Khan says India has never attacked Pakistan, and has no reason to. Says Pakistan’s military needs to be cut… the country doesn’t need such a large and powerful military force, that the US needs it more than Pakistani people, who need greater spending on education.

News courtesy: Khyber News » DailyMotion

Not India but Pakistan wedged wars on India – says Asghar Khan

pak-india-flagNot India but Pakistan wedged wars on India. India never attacked Pakistan– says Asghar Khan, Retd. Air chief Marshal of Pakistan Air Force, in his interview to express TV

Asghar Khan’s Interview – Front Line – 7 June, 2009, click here

Courtesy: PKPolitics & Express TV

Source –  http://pkpolitics.com/2009/06/07/front-line-7-june-2009/