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Austria anti-migrant protest

Hundreds of people gathered in southern Austria to demand a halt to the influx of migrants. Rough cut – subtitles (no reporter narration).

ROUGH CUT – SUBTITLES (NO REPORTER NARRATION) Hundreds of people gathered in southern Austria on Saturday (October 31), to protest against the government’s migration policies and call for the authorities to close the border to the continuing influx of migrants in to the country. Waving the Austrian flag and shouting slogans like “We are the people” and “Fortress Europe – Close the Borders”, the protesters marched from the train station in the village of Spielfeld towards the border but were stopped by police before reaching it. Many called for Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann to stand down. Austrian police said that between 400 and 600 people took part in the demonstration which ended peacefully. Austria has largely served as a conduit into Germany for hundreds of thousands of Middle Eastern, African and Asian migrants and refugees fleeing wars and hardship who have travelled from the Mediterranean and through the Balkans since early September. The demonstration took place just a few hundred metres from the border with Slovenia, where thousands of migrants and refugees from countries like Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan were waiting to be transported to emergency accommodation.

Courtesy » Reuters
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