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Army’s one-day spending equivalent to one-year education ministry budget – The News

by Umar Cheema

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan spends Rs1.35 billion per day over the three armed forces just under the head of salaries and operating expenses only, Rs8.60 million daily on the president and prime minister, Rs7.8 million per day on the Senate and National Assembly but a paltry amount of three lakh rupees per day to take care of human rights, show the budget documents.

It further discloses that the Army’s one-day spending is equivalent to the running year’s total allocation for education ministry, and the air-force’s per day expenditures far exceed what was allocated to the health ministry for running the financial year ending this month.

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An excellent article by the fearless Ayesha Siddiqa

Land allocation & the principle of eminent domain – by Ayesha Siddiqa

It is almost every second day that we come across a news item about distribution of free land or on concessional rates to significant members of the state and society. It was just a year ago that there was an uproar about land allocation to journalists. Just a couple of days ago there was the story about the chief justice of the Supreme Court, Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry, having received a plot of land under the Musharraf government. Not to forget the more popular and controversial story of military officers and civilian bureaucrats being allocated land. …
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Only capable of overthrow the civilian governments!

Expenditure on defence surpasses allocation – By Kalbe Ali


SLAMABAD, May 21: While the development budget saw a massive reduction of about Rs146 billion during the current fiscal year because of financial constraints, defence expenditures increased by Rs60 billion mainly on account of military operations in parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and tribal areas.

The National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Finance was informed on Thursday that an amount of Rs343 billion had been allocated for defence-related expenditures during the current fiscal year, but these rose to Rs403 billion.

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