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By Dr Ali Akbar Dhakan, Karachi, Sindh

Once upon a time, we heard fairy stories of Hatim Tai and others but presently we see kingdom in the air as from London politics is being played like a Doll enchanting its courtiers with cries, weeping, dancing and other joking styles.The first question arises as to who is paying for this whole drama since last two decades. Is this not kind of corruption or bribe. The living pattern and other expenditure of Billion rupees is consumed monthly.Up to now if we calculate the whole expenditure on this drama, trillion of rupees must have been spent.Why the Sindh Government, Faderal Government of Pakistan, and other agencies are silent on this issue. It looks that this is happening for some long term plans and conspiracies. The plan might be very tragic for Sindh and the country itself. Some clues have appeared on the surface of the Sindh land that the U.S. diplomates visit them in Karachi without any security and announcement.We concerned citizens and Government should think over this plan and approach the Londoner to serve the people in his own country if the money is to be saved on such far away speeches and announcements which can be spent for the betterment and welfare of poor people of Pakistan.In addition to this Financial saving, the country can be saved from expected future turmoils. It is better to nip in the bud the conspiracy being planned or chalked out.


aliakbardhakan(A Weekly column of Jawed Choudry Published in the Daily Jung, Dated: 15-06-99)

Translated By Dr Ali Akbar M. Dhakan, Karachi, Sindh

This is story of those days when Bangladesh was called as East Pakistan. A bengali Federal Government servant, Mr. Noor-ul-islam was sent to America for higher studies on Government Expenditure. He was an intelligent officer. He was graced by God with both qualities of intelligence and hardworking. Being an intelligent, hardworking, and efficient, Noo-ul-islam was highly regarded in the whole American University.

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Sindh Special Relief Fund

Sindh Special Relief Fund (Reply to letter)

By Dr Ali Akbar Dhakan                     

With reference to Mr. Abdul Samad Channa’s reply to my letter on the above captioned subject published in Daily Dawn dated June 27, 2008. Mr. Channa has probably failed to appreciate purpose for which the said Fund was created. Basically it was fund for the relief of distressed and disadvantaged people of Sindh.  

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