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New World Order – New Greater Pushtunistan & Balochistan

The New World


IT has been just over 20 years since the collapse of the Soviet Union and the last great additions to the world’s list of independent nations. As Russia’s satellite republics staggered onto the global stage, one could be forgiven for thinking that this was it: the end of history, the final major release of static energy in a system now moving very close to equilibrium. A few have joined the club since — Eritrea, East Timor, the former Yugoslavian states, among others — but by the beginning of the 21st century, the world map seemed pretty much complete.

Now, though, we appear on the brink of yet another nation-state baby boom. This time, the new countries will not be the product of a single political change or conflict, as was the post-Soviet proliferation, nor will they be confined to a specific region. If anything, they are linked by a single, undeniable fact: history chews up borders with the same purposeless determination that geology does, as seaside villas slide off eroding coastal cliffs. Here is a map of what could possibly be the world’s newest international borders.

Pashtunistan and Baluchistan Take a Stand

To Iran’s east, the American withdrawal leaves the “Af-Pak” region in a state of disarray reminiscent of the early 1990s. With no cohesive figure in sight to lead Afghanistan after President Hamid Karzai, and with Pakistan mired in dysfunctional sectarianism and state weakness, a greater Pashtunistan could coagulate across the Durand Line, which divides the two countries. Meanwhile the gas-rich but politically alienated Baluchis could renew their independence drive, which peaked in the 1970s.

Courtesy: The New York Times (Sunday Review)


Worst terrorism in Pashtun region is deplorable: Zar Ali Khan Musazai

P A S H T U N  D E M O C R A T I C  C O U N C I L
Pashtun Democratic Council deplores the ongoing worst situations in Pashtun region
Chairman Pashtun democratic council Zar Ali Khan Musazai has strongly condemned the ongoing worst situations in Swat saying that the non-state actors with the assistance of some agencies. The situations of Swat are deteriorated to the extent that even dead bodies of the human beings are exhumed out of the graves and put on the gallows in the busy market places under the very nose of the security forces to terrify the Pashtun to keep mum and bear the mental and physical agonies on their own and not to disclose the atrocities of the terrorists and the agencies involved in the crime against genocide of the Pashtun nation .

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