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1st May- International Workers Day

LPP May Day Statement – by Farooq Tariq

May Day 2009 in Pakistan is celebrated with a new upsurge in labour movement. There are daily demonstrations across Pakistan by various sectors of the working class on the issues of shorter working day, against contract labour and privatization. More and more workers are now coming together to form the new trade unions as a vehicle of struggle.

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1st May

Thousands of marchers gathered in Hamburg on May Day to call for more workers’ rights, while protesters in Turkey were met with police batons and water cannon.

In Russia on Thursday, marchers called for economic equality, and in Cuba residents hoped their president would offer up more change.

1 May is known in Germany and elsewhere as the unofficial International Workers’ Day and is typically marked with rallies that can sometimes turn violent.

About 30,000 people participated in rallies around Moscow, Russian police officials said.

Courtesy: 24 hours- Friday, May 2, 2008-05-03