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AHRC on the killings of three Baloch nationalist leaders

AHRC-STM-087-2009, April 11, 2009
A Statement by the Asian Human Rights Commission
PAKISTAN: Fingers point at state intelligence agencies in the killings of three Baloch nationalist leaders
Three Baloch nationalist leaders were killed after their abduction by plain clothes persons in mysterious vehicles that bore no registration plates.

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Balochistan breaking point?

By: Yasir Babbar, Islamabad
Please note: Yasir Babbar is an Islamabad-based journalist working at The Frontier Post and the Pakistan Press International.
Courtesy: Himal Mag
After national elections in February 2008, optimism in Pakistan was brimming over. Perhaps nowhere did the elections have a more immediate impact than in Balochistan, the province that has been attempting to break away from Islamabad’s control for decades. The first positive signs from the national capital came after Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman (and now President) Asif Ali Zardari formally apologised to the people of Balochistan for the excesses committed against them in the past. He also announced that the new PPP-led government would call an all-parties conference to address the province’s long-entrenched problems, while also promising to form a truth commission to investigate the abuses. Such pledges, rarely if ever heard before, created a sudden blossoming of hope in the province. The three leading armed militant groups – the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA), the Baloch Republican Army (BRA) and the Baloch Liberation Front (BLF) – even announced a joint unilateral ceasefire.

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World Sindhi Congress condemns the killing of three Baloch political leaders

Press release by Information Secretary Ali Memon, London
April 11th , 2009
World Sindhi Congress (WSC) is deeply shocked and strongly condemns the killing of three Baloch political leaders, Ghulam Mohammad Baloch, Sher Mohammad Baloch and Lala Muneer Baloch. The three leaders were steadfastly involved in the struggle of defending the genuine democratic rights of Baloch people. WSC on behalf of Sindhi people show their solidarity with Baloch people at their national loss.

Realize now and do something, before it’s too late!

by Khalid Hashmani, McLean, Virginia, USA
The writer can be reached at
It appears that our adversaries are organized, determined and have every intension of fully controlling Balochistan and Sindh by using any means that would work. In these difficult times, Sindhis and Baluch have no choice but to unite and save our identity and our homeland. I volunteer my time and energy to participate, organize, lead, or follow an action plan to do some serious advocacy on behalf of our people. However, to make some headway we need at least a dozen persons who are ready to devote 8-10 hours per week to this cause.
In Sindh, they have divided Sindhis in several groups (Sindhi-vs-Sindhi, Sindhi-vs-Mohajir, Mohajir-vs-Pathan) . Having succeeded in weakening the present PPP government, both at the federal and provincial levels, and by dividing people of Sindh, they are now boldly moving to gain complete control of smaller provinces.
In Balochistan, they are on the killing spree to eliminate Baluch leadership. I suspect that these killing cadres have been unleashed against Baluch first. Once Baloch leaders have been killed, the same  forces will move against those Sindhi leaders who do not toe their line and give up demands for provincial autonomy and the abolition of concurrent list.
In NWFP, the provincial government has lost all control to Taliban and it is just matter of few months before Taliban will be controlling Peshawar as well.
The way I see the situation, there is a long struggle ahead for smaller provinces to achieve their political rights and protect their identity and culture. We might as well realize now and do something, anything, before it is too late!

Spike in the Soul – The Honor Dogs of Sindh and Balochistan!

by Aijaz Sindhi, USA,
There was news about burying 5 women from Baluchistan quite a few months ago who were still alive in the they were first beaten by 17 tribesmen, and then hit by the speeding tractor with the blade in front. As if it were not enough, the shattered skulls women were then dragged by the tractor blade into a ditch, and buried alive.

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President Zardari refused to sign Swat deal with Taliban

Asif Zardari

by Gul Agha, USA,
President Zardari has refused to sign the Swat deal with the Taliban. However, for some reason, he is delaying sending the .. Army to Swat to Swat the Taliban and liberate its people ;-).  I think he is waiting for the Americans to help...

Already, President Zardari declared peace in Balochistan and apologized. Condemned terrorism in Kashmir. Ordered his ISI chief to go to India and answer all questions about the Mumbai attack. Declared Pakistan will not be the first to use nukes. And put Pakistan in support of peace and an economic union with India. What else do you want him to do? It is hard for him to do anything else. His agenda is in full swing (well, in some Dreamland). After all, he won the election

Dr. Lakhu Luhana of World Sindhi Congress expressed his solidarity with Baloch people

Report by: Information Secretary Ali Memon
March 29th , 2009
Press release- Interfaith international with the collaboration of UNPO, Baloch Human Rights Council, World Sindhi Congress, Sindhi Baloch Forum and Balochistan Rights Movement held a peaceful protest rally on Friday 20 March 2009 from 9.00 am to 12.00 pm in front of the United Nations office in Geneva Switzerland. The slogans on the placards high lighted various aspects of human right violation.
A conference on Human Rights situation in Balochistan was also held in the UN conference room at 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm ,chaired by interfaith international president Mr. Charles Graves.
Senator Sana Baloch presented a detailed graphic accounts of injustices, atrocities, human rights violations, political, social deprivations, abduction & extra judicial killing of Baloch civilians including women & children, Target killing of Baloch leaders and Baloch intellectuals by the State.

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They will never learn

by M. Raza

Why don’t the establishment accept 1940’s Lahore resolution of Pakistan ??? which says clearly the word **SOVEREIGN STATES**!! After losing half of country (east Pakistan or Bangladesh), the establishment still dreaming? Why shall the provinces who share 70% of revenue suffer? For what? In which AYAT it is written that Islamabad/ establishment can  exploit other provinces in the name of Islam and Pakistan.


Washington DC Discussion on “Baloch and Sindhi rights”

By Khalid Hashmani, McLean, Virginia

The following are my notes and impressions from the discussion on “Sindhi and Baluch Rights” held in Washington DC yesterday.

Key Take-aways from Washington DC Discussion on “Baluch and Sindhi rights” held on September 27.

Washington DC, September 27, 2008: The American Friends of Baluchistan, a local organization of Baluch rights and their supporters, organized a discussion on “Baloch and Sindhi struggle for rights with Asif Ali Zardari’s rise to the presidency”. The event was held at a local restaurant on Saturday, September 27, 2008.

The organizer Mr. Ahmar Mustikhan welcomed participants, who introduced themselves and briefly stated their expectations from the discussion session. On a point raised by Dr. Jawaid Bhutto that the focus of the discussion should not be on one or more individuals but rather on the root causes and solutions, every one agreed to broaden the subject and not limit the discussion to only the context of Zardari’s ascend to the Presidency of Pakistan.

Dr. Safdar Sarki (http://www.pakusonl aspx?page_ id=57), General Secretary of Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz (JSQM) (http://www.geocitie org/press. html) stated that he and his party are not against any individuals. They are only against the actions taken by individuals that suppress rights of Sindhis and Baluch. Pressing his point about the unfair treatment being melted out to Sindhis, he said that Sindh produces 60% of gas, 40% of oil, and 67% of revenue in Pakistan and yet receives back only 23% of benefits for this contribution. He said that in the last few decades, the successive Pakistani governments have treated Sindh and Sindhis with discrimination and attempted to make them happy with peanuts and lollipops. He asserted that 1973 constitution has lost its credibility and validity as none of the provisions for provincial equitability has been acted upon. He said, “An example of this is that concurrent lists were supposed to have been abolished within 10 years but after 35 years, many more provincial rights have been encroached and put in the constitution. The new “social contract” that Mohtarama Bhutto talked about had much to do with enshrining the principles of the 1940 resolution. Nothing short of a new constitutional setup where the main legislative body has equal number of seats from each province would be acceptable.

Dr. Wahid Baluch, http://intellibrief s.blogspot. com/2006/05/balochistan-drwahid-baloch- for.html, former Deputy Speaker of Baluchistan Assembly and President of Baloch Society Of North America (BSO-NA) USA ( html) said, “We know Mr. Zardari has no real power as in spite of his assurances, the war still continues to be wedged against Baluch.” He added “We look at the positive side and are hopeful that some positive results would result from Mr. Zardari’s presidency. It is more probable that only some cosmetic changes would come about during his rule and the root causes will remain unresolved.” Giving an account of his recent meetings with the US officials, he said that he sees hopeful signs of some understanding about the Baluch point of view. He said that it US officials are quite uneasy that after 10 billion financial assistance to Pakistan, there is very little evidence that Taliban and Al-Qaida have been weakened. If anything they appear to have become much stronger and are now pose a very serious risk to Pakistan’s stability.

Mr. Amir Baloch, a local Baluch leader expressed that he was not very optimistic of any positive results and said that so far, the only tangible results of some improvement are that the wholesale allotment of lands to MQMwallas in Gawadar Sea port has been stopped. He was afraid that that Baluch and Sindhis expereincing a false sense of security and will lower their guards thinking that as a Sindhi of Baluch origin is now in the top position, they can go back to their hibernation.

Mr. Faisal Qazi. a well-known journalist and Chief editor of local Pakistani newspapers Asian Tribune (published in Urdu and English) and Pakistan Journal posed a very interesting question. He said, where as, the National Awami Party, the main nationalist party of Pakhonwa (offical nane NWFP Province) has secured electoral successes in that province, Sindhi and Baloch nationalist parties have not achieved similar successes. Dr. Jawaid Bhutto answered that it is simply the fact PPP is the most popular political party in Sindh and Sindhis have consistently voted for that party in the belief that this party would deliver them their rights.

Mr. Ahmar Mustikhan said that he believes that the main culpirts behind the assassination of Mohtarama Benzar Bhutto are not “fundamentalist” forces but this is a dirty deed of agencies and some Generals. He added that the Benazir Bhutto’s elimination from the poltical scene is a great loss for Sindhi, Baloch, and people of Pakistan. Ms. Nafeesa Hoodbhoy said that it is too simplistic blame security establishment for this crime. Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto had become too close to USA and USA has many enemies in Pakistan. The fact is that we do not know who killed her. For the same reason, Mr. Zardari too has become the most threatened person in Pakistan.

Mr. Aijaz Sindhi, a local journalist, said that Sindhis are still waiting for the restoration of their rights under the new PPP government. He said that onlaught on Sindhi rights continues. He gave examples of the recent federal actions to privatize Qadirpur gas fields in Sindh http://www.apakista qadirpur- gas-field- four-options- for-sell- off-referred- to-ccop-81196. and federalizing of the Sindh goal authority in support of his argument. He said that no decisions with respect to Sindh’s natural resources would be acceptable unless representatives of Sindh are participants and primary decision makers. Mr. Khalid Hashmani, a local Sindhi activist, said that Sindhis and Baloch rights groups are still using 20th century tools and techniques to secure their rights in 21st century. They have to take global factors into account and balance nationalistic instincts with the need for developing natural resources and to ensure that the needed help reaches rural populations of Sindh and Baluchistan (where poverty has has become main impediment to education and health services) as soon as possible.

First clean the mess of home then blames others

By Shakeel Nizamani, Calgary

The recent event of burying women in Balochistan and then defending it by one of them showed some real picture of these Balochistan, who claim to be terrorized by Islamabad security forces, rightly so, but at the same time they themselves are committing the acts of terrorism on their women. Keeping quite and not condemning act, to me, simply is nothing but HYPOCRISY and it makes them accomplice to this act.

In such circumstances, if they get freedom or whatever you call it, it may be freedom for these Sardars but not for common people of Baluchistan and specially not for vulnerable ones like women.

Everybody was clamoring on the death of , rightly so, but these women were as human as he was… No Baloch/Sindhi is making noise for the cause of justice specially not those ones who are in the power and the silence of so-called nationalists/ progressive leaders unmasks their hypocrisy.

These so-called progressive Sardars and freedom fighter should, at least, condemn this act in no certain terms. First clean the mess of  home then blames others.

August 31, 2008