The “State Religion” is the root of religious terrorism and extremism in Pakistan.

WSC 27th International Conference
Desk News – London: 27th International Conference on Sindh, “Roots of Extremism and Terrorism in Pakistan and Human Rights of oppressed nations” was organized by the World Sindhi Congress (WSC), at Kingsley Hall, London, on October 31st, 2015..

Chairman Jeay Sindh Mahaz, Abdul Khalique Junejo’s book “Politics of Change – Bitter realities and tough choices” launched by World Sindhi Congress at London.  Amanullah Shaikh, thel leader of Awami Jhamori Party (AJP) and Julian Levesque French researcher spoke on the book. Farhan Kaghzi introduced the book and moderated the event.

India’s former Union Law Minister and formerer Chairman of Bar Council of India, Ram Jethmalani and .several other distinguished scholars and activists from Sindh, USA, EU, Canada and UK presented papers and speeches on the theme of “Roots of Extremism and Terrorism in Pakistan. Human Rights of oppressed nations”

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Myanmar election: What rights for the country’s Rohingya Muslims?

Elections take place this weekend in Myanmar after decades of military rule.

More than 90 parties are standing in the first national elections since a nominally civilian government took power in the country in 2011.

However the United Nations says persecution of ethnic minorities is a “grave concern”.

New religious laws are said to favour the Buddhist majority, while thousands of Muslims – known as the Rohingya – are denied citizenship and the vote.

The BBC’s Fergal Keane reports from Sittwe.

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Million Mask March against Capitalism in London

Million Mask March: Three officers and six police horses hurt on night of violence in London

Fifty people arrested after three police officers hospitalised during anti-capitalist march in central London that also saw photographer hit by supercar


The Million Mask March, organised by Anonymous to hit back at austerity measures and perceived inequality brought about by the Government, started peacefully enough, with songs and chants at Trafalgar Square.

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