Will cut off tongues of writers for insulting Hindu gods: Sri Rama Sene

The epic Hindu literature are followed by millions of Hindus, as sacred texts. People will not tolerate the belittling of the Ramayana characters, who are worshiped. They will cut off the tongues of writers if they do not stop insulting Hindu gods,� Siddalinga Swami said.

By Aravind Gowda

A day after right-wing outfit Sri Rama Sene founder Pramod Muthalik said that he will sue Kannada writers for naming his organization as a conspirator behind the killing of renowned writer and rationalist Dr MM Kalburgi, its state convener has now threatened to cut off the tongues of writers if they continue to “insult” Hindu gods.
Siddalinga Swami told reporters in Kalburgi in north Karnataka that Hindus were hurt by the comments of the litterateurs like Professor KS Bhagwan and Chandrashekhar Patil, who allegedly spoke ill of Hindu epics, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata.

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India to begin largest military exercise near Pakistan border in October

By Ali Zain

ISLAMABAD (Staff Report) – India is preparing to begin country’s largest military exercise in Rajhastan region near to border with Pakistan to test the readiness of world’s second largest standing army in October.

According to Pakistani officials New Delhi has formally informed Islamabad about the military exercise as part of ‘prior permission’ protocol that exchanged with neighboring countries ahead of any major military movement in no-war days.

However any kind of reservations from Pakistan would not affect the Indian plan.

Media reports suggest that India is planning to test its nuclear weapons, heavy artillery and drone planes in real war-like situation on Western border. As many as 30,000 troops will take part in the military exercise.

For the first time Indian forces will use information especially the images of ‘enemy compounds’ provided by satellites and drones, ground and airborne radars at the same time.

The military exercise, which will peak towards end-November, will also include a major airdrop of paratroopers behind  ‘enemy lines’.

Pakistani defence analysts said that India has been carrying out such large military exercises at least once in four years since many decades. Pakistan doesn’t need to worry about such large scaled exercise instead it should only focus on its own readiness, they said.

News courtesy: Daily Pakistan
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The new political (dis)order


HOW does one describe the present political power structure? Diarchy? Not really. Some call it a hybrid or more precisely a civil-military partnership. Neither of the two fully defines the existing power matrix, with the civilian authority fast losing its relevance to the swelling support, real or hyped, for the military.

It is more a political disorder — not civil-military cohabitation. The balance of power has long tilted towards the military, yet neither Sharif the prime minister nor Sharif the general is actually in the driving seat. Can this tenuous power calculus last long? It cannot. But it is hard to predict how and what kind of change is in the offing.

It seems extremely difficult for Nawaz Sharif to regain lost ground amidst governance failure and the breaking down of consensus among the major political parties to defend the democratic political process. It was this unity that had protected the system during the PTI-Qadri dharna last year.

But that episode had also exposed the vulnerability of a set-up devoid of any effective leadership and competence. The perception of civil-military leadership being on the same page was mere eyewash. Pictures of the prime minister in a huddle with the army chief every other day did not hide the growing strains over major issues.

The military’s deepening involvement in state affairs and public expectations could lead to a slippery path.

Meanwhile, the clout of the military has grown further in the aftermath of the Peshawar school massacre and the formation of apex committees to oversee the implementation on the National Action Plan. The prime minister appeared quite happy with the military taking over the entire responsibility of internal security as well, but this has political ramifications. The broadening of the Karachi operation further enhanced the military’s role. That also caused an end to the politics of ‘reconciliation’ between the PML-N and the PPP that had helped the last parliament complete its term and the unprecedented transfer of power from one elected government to another.

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Manchar Lake: Toxic water, dead fish fill Asia’s largest freshwater body


Fishing communities can no longer survive on Asia’s largest freshwater lake after a massive artificial drain has contaminated water and destroyed fish stocks

A lifetime spent in a houseboat may seem extraordinary to many, but for 101-year old Haji Wali Mohammad it is the only way of life he knows. Mohammed and his family of 500 people live on 48 houseboats that form a village — also known by his name — on Manchar Lake in Sindh.

Manchar is one of Asia’s largest freshwater lakes, spread over 200 square kilometres it expands to as much as 500 square kilometres during the monsoon rains. The average depth is between 2.5 to 3.75 metres.

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