Outgoing US Army Chief Urges Considering Boots on the Ground In Islamic State Fight

By VICE News

The outgoing US Army chief of staff has said that the United States should increase efforts to fight the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS), and that putting military forces on the ground in Iraq and Syria might be the only way to do so.

General Raymond Odierno said at a Wednesday press conference that current US strategy in the region has helped deter IS in some ways, but that there is a long way to go to fully address the deeper economic and political issues facing Iraq and Syria.

“We should probably absolutely consider embedding some soldiers (with Iraqi forces), then see if that would make a difference,” Odierno said in response to whether he thought the US should deploy ground forces if the situation does not improve.

“I think that’s an option we should present to the president when the time is right,” he added.

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