My party wants a socialist society in Pakistan: Ghinwa

PPP-SB chief says Junior Bhutto, Fatima Bhutto will join politics at the right time

By Faizan Ali Warraich

LAHORE: Pakistan People’s Party-Shaheed Bhutto (PPP-SB) faction Chairperson Ghinwa Bhutto has announced that her party is struggling for socialist revolution, and Junior Bhutto and Fatma Bhutto will join politics at the right time.

She has said that only socialism can serve the nation, as parliamentary democracy has failed to solve problems of a common man in Pakistan. Talking to Daily Times exclusively during her visit and stay here at the home of Dr Mubashar Hasan (former minister and her party’s chief in Punjab), she confirmed that her party wanted socialist society in Pakistan, which provides equal opportunities to all. ‘People get upset from the parliamentary form of politics as voice of a common man was not being heard, even they have no representative in the existing parliament and parliamentarians, and are being treated only as slaves’, she said.

On the other hand, she added that parliamentarians or politicians and political workers and leaders could be seen as slaves of their party heads. Ghinwa said Pakistan had witnessed socialism in which people gained benefits of equal distribution of the resources, wealth, opportunities diring the government of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto from 1971 to 1977 only. She said that when ZAB came in power, it was the beginning of the change of mentality of the old mindset but unfortunately General Zia ul Haq military coup halted that change.

She expressed state of grief over how country’s natural resources were being exploited and wasted saying that all the resources including energy, water, minerals were only be going concentrated in the private pockets’ of ruling elite. She said ruling elite had made a ‘system’ (democratic) which only serves the rulers not masses. She said revolutionary reforms needed to be done in every department of the country, from police to judicial system and from agriculture to land reforms on emergency basis.

Commenting on the police reforms, she said police attitude should be twisted from serving interests of the powerful elite rather to serve the interests of the downtrodden people. Police was used to snub opposition in country, which really wanted to topple the rulers. She said justice has not been given here since inception of the country. She further stated that Murtaza Bhutto’s murder, Model Town case, Benazir Bhutto assassination cases are the test case for the country’s judicial system.

She said, only in Murtaza Bhutto’s murder FIRs were acquitted, the findings of the judicial commission would not be used in the court. She said 120 witnesses statements were recorded but none of them were used in the court, police actually in all cases I mentioned wasted all the forensic evidences on the spot, she said why don’t the country’s potential and intelligent officers like Justice Nasir Aslam Zahid including other reputable judges and bureaucrats fact findings not used before the court, this shows our judicial system only made to serve the rulers and elite class of this country.

On a question about conspiracy in killing of Murtaza Bhutto, she said that she believed that there was always a conspiracy in murdering of the political figures, from Liaquat Ali Khan to Benezir Bhutto assassination, and justice was never served in these cases. She hopelessly said that there was no way to getting justice in this country’.

She said ‘ specifically talking on our judicial system like in Murtaza Bhutto’s murder case, Model Town incident case, Benazir Bhutto assassination case, one thing is common, they all were political people and all were in the opposition of the then government , and their voices had silenced to death by using police force except in BB case’. She also claimed that on the time of the operation against her husband top echelon of the police were present to make sure that operation went successful’.

When asked coming of Fatima Bhutto and Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto junior (her son) into active politics, she said they are not away from politics, on right time they would come into politics. ‘Fatima has been writing books and ZAB junior is writing articles on politics, she said adding that if people really wanted to bring change, they would decide to come into politics to serve the masses. On educational system, she said ‘ruling elite actually attacked on our history and the way our history if being written and taught to our children has changed the mindset of our generation, see, out latest technologies are being used against banning YouTube!’ She said the way even English or Urdu language was taught had produced the class difference among people.

‘Universities are deprived of producing intellectuals, so there is a need to change the way of mindset of the people about to know that how powerful they are, and how can they run the government by their own’, she added. Suggesting comprehensive reforms, she said that educational curriculum was backward here. Talking on the plight of farmers in the interior Sindh, she said ‘ the farmers, growers don’t have threshers to cultivate their lands which is even 200 years old technology, our country’s don’t have research on new dimensions, we need a completely new mindset’.

Ghinwa said that transforming society into socialist society is the only solution, where everyone gets equal opportunities and equal distribution of wealth. She said in the name of democracy elite is grabbing resources of this country. Industrialists and feudal lords had almost economically lynched sugarcane growers, which wanted to sell their sugarcane as per set prices by court but mills refused to buy sugarcane but no one bothered not even government. ‘’Who owns the sugarmills, in Sindh The Zardari family and in Punjab the Sharif family’’, she added.

‘’We need land reforms, and law should be made to restrict making infinite land possessions, tax system should also be made better and more taxes should be imposed on those who owns more lands and wealth, and out political party will bring these reforms when form the government,’’ she said. New mindset only be created by the artists, columnists, opinion leaders, teachers, and politicians, but unfortunately all of these failed to answers of Pakistani great issues and problems like Kala Bagh Dam, on which one party chapter favors while other chapter of same party opposes it, this is not the solution. ‘’Pakistan needs a coherent policy to resolves these issues,’’ she concluded.

Courtesy: Daily Times
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