Archbishop of Canterbury admits doubts about existence of God

The Archbishop of Canterbury has admitted to feeling doubts over the existence of God.

In a recent interview at Bristol Cathedral, Archbishop Justin Welby said on a recent morning run with his dog he had questioned why God had failed to intervene to prevent injustice.

“The other day I was praying over something as I was running and I ended up saying to God ‘Look this is all very well but isn’t it about time you did something – if you’re there.’”

Earlier in the interview, when asked if he had moments of doubt, Archbishop Welby replied: “Yes. I do, in lots of different ways.”

“There are moments, sure, when you think is there a God, where is God?”

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One thought on “Archbishop of Canterbury admits doubts about existence of God”

  1. One Key to open God’s heart is unconditional Love!
    Is God a figment of our imagination?

    Do prayers help us? Does God listen to us?
    LESSONS FROM GOD- Ken, the Yacht, Does God listen to us?

    KEN Costello our customer, a sprightly 80 year old, owns a Rockwell Aircraft.
    He has a lovely Golden Aura which permeates from his kind nature..
    He came into our Hangar one day, ”Amarjit Singh, please dismantle my aircraft engine.
    It has failed to start.”

    “Ken, there is no need to dismantle the engine. Let us pray to God for help”, I replied.

    “God ! God is imagination, He does not exist. God cannot help”, Ken laughed.

    After some persuasion he agreed & we prayed to God to help start his aircraft.

    Ken jumped into his aircraft and to his amazement it started instantly!

    I shouted to Ken over the sound of the engine, ”Praying to God helped”.
    Ken shouted back, ”Coincidence, Singh, coincidence!”
    Sai Baba, suddenly materialised and opened a dimension into his Akashic record (Book of life). I was shown a yacht floundering in the rough sea. Ken was kneeling in the boat, crying for help.

    Baba spoke,
    “Amarjit Singh, ask Ken when his boat was floundering in the sea many years ago and he prayed to God for help, who helped him then?”

    I shouted to Ken through his aircraft door, ”Baba is asking when your boat was floundering
    in the sea many years ago, who helped you?”
    Ken was so shocked he switched off the engine. ”How do you know about my yacht?
    I have told no one about it’!’
    I replied, ”I have been taken to the past, into your Akashic record (Book of Life),
    I can see your boat , floundering in the stormy sea, it is about to hit the rocks”.

    Ken spoke.
    ”Singh, we were sailing in the Straits of Gibraltar over 20 years ago, our yacht’s main engine failed, the backup engine also failed.
    The stormy sea was pushing us to the rocks. I thought we were all going to die.

    I could see my life passing by, I was in tears, I opened my heart to God and prayed, ..
    “God, Please help us! Why have you forsaken us?”

    A miracle happened, the backup engine suddenly sprung to life “by itself” and we limped back into the harbor.
    I thought all this time it was a coincidence. I now realize that God listened to my prayer over 30 years ago and it was Divine intervention which saved us!”

    “I now see God’s hand in my life where I have been saved many times” said Ken with tears in his eyes.

    Meditation and selfless service are powerful keys to God’s Kingdom.

    It is in the depths of meditation that we hear the voice of God.
    Talk to God in meditation. You will surprise yourself for sure and surprise God too!

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