Jinnah made a mistake and I am ashamed of being Pakistani

By Mahwash Badar

Anyone who has ever travelled abroad will tell you that no matter where you go, no matter how developed the country it is that you’re travelling to – if you’re a British national or a Caucasian American, the doors become friendlier. The security becomes less pressurising. Visa queues are shorter. Procedures are simpler.

If you’re a brown Pakistani man (or even woman) who is travelling to another country – that’s a whole other story. You’re working in the Middle East, chances are your salary is just a little bit above the basic working wage – or anything that will get you a bed-space with seven other human beings. Respect is minimal. You’re not supposed to ruffle any feathers. Or demand for rights. Your children are thousands of miles away studying (because you can’t afford education for them here), your wife probably has another job to help make ends meet and your job squeezes every drop of your blood into a tiny container that helps build the skyscrapers and that little container is thrown away quicker than you can say ‘burj’, as soon as your company decides to say bye bye.

Pretty much the equivalent of… well, I don’t know. What is that the equivalent of? What analogy do I draw to represent the utter misery that is being a Pakistani in this super-power dominated world?

As if the current state of the country, what with its years of dictatorship and lack of infrastructure, hasn’t driven us insane enough, there is the added bonus of inviting religious extremists and letting them destroy everything we hold near and dear. Sure, apologists will reason it saying “this is not true Islam” and whatnot. But my question is when – seriously – when do we set aside the debate of what is true Islam and what isn’t?

Let the clerics and the religious scholars sit in their mosques and minibars – oh I meant minbars. But once and for all, eliminate and annihilate the savage, beastly, cowardly, immoral men who buy the bodies of fragile, poverty-stricken, desperate men, strap them with explosives and send them into markets with innocent women and children. Finish these abhorrent elements in the society that attempt to throw us back to the Stone Age.

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One thought on “Jinnah made a mistake and I am ashamed of being Pakistani”

  1. Brain Damaged, myopic and ignorant community members, who don’t bother to know their selfworth and self-esteam. Over hundred years ago, they were reminded load and clearly by Iqbal but no one heeded or bothered to listen or change.

    jun niko nam ho qabroon ki tejarat karkey,
    Kia na beecho gaay sanam pather key.

    Yes, it is true but you too have missed the exact cause of the problem. There is a wonderful saying ” A fish rots from the head first”. Look at your leadership and honestly grade them on equal scale. A common gets fail for stealing one hundred dollars and and a leader gets Civil Award (halal-e-pakistan) for stealing billions and keeping them in forein banks. When you don’t respect your own citizen,then why demand respect from others. Another Punjabi saying will appropriately help clear your knuckle-headed thinking. A rich man was riding a horse through the wheat fields of a poor man. The horse was liberably eating and destroying the wheat plants and the helpless poor man addressed himself; “it is because of your master that I am tolerating you to do this to my field”. Yes! dear we Masters are not respected and whereby tthe common man ( horses) are treated with respect.” A FISH ROTS FROM THE HEAD FIRST”.

    Jinnah provided you a plateform to demonstrate your agenda but you fail to show your worth and followed the same old rut of Mughals. Dead nations never take advantage of opportunities. Blame yourself. “A bad workman blames his tools”.

    After the daeth of Aurangzeb, it took 150 years to end the Mughal dynasty. The miserable dead Parya patiently suffered the miserable conditions and hopelessly waited for the good times that never arrived. And then …….

    Current situation is a replica of the past created by your LEADERS. PLEASE AWARD THEM HIGEST CIVIL TAGMAS for their performance.

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