Kenyan mall shooting: ‘They threw grenades like maize to chickens’

By Guy Alexander

Nairobi’s most upmarket retail centre became a scene of carnage as terrorist gangs armed with AK-47s and grenades singled out victims. Guy Alexander reports

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Eyewash — Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

Mir TalpurBecause of the massively warped allocations, no educational institution in Balochistan would be able to compete with those in Punjab

During the recent ‘missing persons’ hearing in Quetta the Supreme Court (SC) Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry said that there is no proper checking in the city. The check posts manned by the Frontier Corps (FC), customs and police are just an ‘eyewash’; ‘hogwash’ would be more appropriate, and smuggling continues as the FC border check posts are simply symbolic and used for making money. He said that the available evidence showed the FC personnel’s involvement in some incidents of missing persons, and the missing persons’ relatives blame the FC for disappearances. Apparently, it has only now dawned on them that all that happens in Balochistan is an eyewash; the people of Balochistan have always known these injustices and have been trying to rouse sleeping consciences but failed. All institutional measures and actions there are hogwash.

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Four sisters kill themselves over dowry

MULTAN: Four sisters killed themselves after a row with their father who could not afford dowries for them to get married, officials said on Friday.

The women threw themselves into a canal after arguing with their father in Mailsi, a town in the rural southern part of Punjab province. A fifth sister was pulled alive from the water.

“A poor farmer, Bashir Ahmed Rajput, could not marry his five daughters because he had no money to offer dowry,” Malik Daud Hasnain, a senior police official told AFP. “After an argument on the issue on Thursday, his daughters became desperate and jumped together into a water canal.”

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