Afghan Taliban announce start of spring offensive to ‘defeat western invaders’

ISLAMABAD: Afghan Taliban on Saturday announced they are launching the annual traditional “Spring Offensive” to defeat “western invaders, completely freeing the nation from the cusps of occupation and establishing an Islamic rule” in Afghanistan.

The Taliban said this year’s offensive would be code-named “Khalid bin Waleed (RA)”.

The ISAF commander in Afghanistan, Gen Joseph F Dunford, said ahead of the fighting season that, “the insurgency will confront a combined ANSF (Afghan National Security Force) and Afghanistan Local Police (ALP) force of over 350,000 personnel who are in the lead for security in areas containing over 87 per cent of Afghanistan’s population”.

The Taliban said that the operations would forge ahead under the direct guidance of the group’s military strategists while keeping in mind new developments of the current year.

“This year’s Khalid bin Waleed operation will be launched by the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate against America, Nato and their backers for the gratification of Allah Almighty, independence of Afghanistan and establishing in it an Islamic government while we humbly raise our hands towards Allah Almighty for its success and hope for a favorable and triumphant end,” the Taliban leadership council said.

“This year’s spring operation, in accordance with its combat nature, will consist of special military tactics quantity and quality wise while successful insider attacks, to eliminate foreign invaders, will be carried out by infiltrating Mujahideen inside enemy bases in a systematic and coordinated manner,” a Taliban statement said. The statement from the Taliban’s powerful leadership council was also sent to The Express Tribune.

Giving details of the offensives to be formally launched on Sunday (April 28), the statement said that the plans include collective suicide operations on bases of foreign invaders, their diplomatic centers and military airbases will be even further structured while every possible tactic will be utilized in order to detain or inflict heavy casualties on the foreign transgressors.

“Khalid bin Waleed operation will be launched in unison throughout the country, heralded with the cry of ‘takbeer’, against the transgressing invaders and their degenerate backers,” the Taliban went on to say.

The leadership council asked the Taliban fighters to take care to “protecting the lives and property of civilians as well as of all of our national resources and public welfare establishments during the operation.”

The ISAF and Afghan official dispute Taliban claim of not harming the civilians and insist that mostly civilians are killed in Taliban attacks.

Taliban called on the people to stay away from the bases of the “invaders, their residential areas or working for them in order to avoid civilian losses”.

“We once again call on all the officials and workers of the stooge Karzai regime to break away from this decaying administration in order to conform to Islamic commands, national interests and protection of yourselves and to choose a life of prosperity living alongside your own people in an atmosphere of peace and security,” the Taliban said.

The statement said that all those government workers and soldiers, who surrender or join the Taliban, will be protected.

“The Islamic Emirate, before launching its Khalid bin Waleed spring operation, calls on all of its Muslim nation’s religious figures, tribal elders and all the influential figures of society to keep away their youth from joining the ranks of America’s mercenary programs (army, police, and volunteer) so to deliver them from the destruction of this world and the hereafter”.

Courtesy: The Express Tribune

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