PPP Government’s 5-Year bad performance and National Interests of Sindh

Pakistan Peoples’ Party’s “Reconciliatory” Provincial Government’s Five-Year bad performance and National Interests of Sindh

SWTF will launch mass movement if SPLGA-2012 is not annulled before next elections!

Respected Journalists!

Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) is generally considered as the party mainly belonging to Sindh and Sindhis, which is enjoying the power of being the largest parliamentary party on the basis of Sinshi vote. However, unfortunately instead of safeguarding Sindh’s rights, it has caused fatal damage to the integrity, economy, human development and developmental infrastructure of Sindh through bad governance, corruption, nepotism and misuse of people’s mandate. PPP Government’s notorious decision of Sindh Peoples’ Local Government Act (SPLGA) 2012 has caused an unprecedented damage to ethnic harmony and social cohesiveness of society of Sindh.

We, the intellectuals, writers, poets, journalists, civil society activists and concerned citizens strongly believe that PPP’s sitting government has betrayed the democratic mandate of majority of people of Sindh.

We believe that during the last elections, the PPP got majority mandate because of its promise with the people of Sindh that it will annul Pervez Musharraf regime’s discriminatory decision of handing over Sind’s cities to an urban ethnic outfit by creating new limitations of districts. People of Sindh wanted a government that could have not only compensated the heavy economic and political loss occurred to Sindh in Musharraf regime, but also had offered quality civic amenities to the people of Sind irrespective of their religion, ethnicity and language through good governance.

The dynamic behind the heavy mandate offered to PPP was to establish a responsive and stable government in Sindh; on the contrary, the feudal and opportunist elite, in the name of “reconciliation” joined hands with the urban terrorist outfit, which proved to be continuity of the Musharraf legacy.

We believe that during last four and half years the government led by the feudal-urban terrorist nexus has virtually damaged peace, rule of law, education, physical infrastructure democratic institutions, and resources. PPP has ditched hopes of people of Sind and created social anarchy, insecurity and hopelessness.

Journalist Friends!

As a matter of fact, the PPP in its electoral manifesto of last election had promised that it will undo anti-Sind decisions done by Musharraf regime, i.e. division of Hyderabad into four districts, illegal construction of Greater Thal Canal, and amalgamation of former five districts of Karachi. Violating its own electoral manifesto, PPP not only established those prejudiced decisions, but allocated huge funds to systematize those as well.

In 2010 and 2011 almost 19 million people of rural Sind were displaced due to man-made disasters, ill-management and poor infrastructure; and there was no genuine compensation and disaster mitigation plan in place to rescue and rehabilitate people.

The Concurrent List was abolished in 18th Constitutional Amendment in 2010; resultantly, education was completely transferred to the respective provinces and powers of public sector universities and education boards were also transferred from governors to the elected chief ministers. In violation to the 18thConstitutional Amendment, Sind is the only province where still the powers of public sector universities and educational boards rest with the governor, which is absolutely unconstitutional—hence an illegal practice that deprives the chief executive of the province of its constitutional rights. PPP’s misrule has undermined institutions by bypassing them in hiring of the government employees, promotions and deputation, the latest example is the Sindh Civil Servants amended bill which legalizes the illegal promotions of civil servants, including 156 policemen who received out of turn promotions. We reject this Civil Servants bill which is against constitution and basic rights of equal opportunities to the citizens.

On all fronts PPP has not only Failed Sind but has betrayed the people, on socio economic front, on state of law and order in province, to date there are scores of people who hostage to kidnappers, including a District Education Officer, where is the law and write of the State. Sind is the only province which continues to be without Home Minister which clearly shows how much serious this government has been in running an effective government in province.

Respectable Journalists!

Besides the undemocratic practices, corruption, nepotism and bad governance mentioned-above, the SPLGA 2012 was passed undemocratically that has administratively divided Sind through dual local government system. We believe that Sindh is a historical homeland of Sindhis, hence its geographical unity stands eternal; nobody has legitimacy to divide Sindh in any form, under any compromise or justification. According to the Article 137 of the Constitution of Pakistan, provincial assemblies and the government cannot transfer their respective provincial authorities to the local municipal government. Whereas in violation of the Article 137 total 43 provincial subjects were transferred to Karachi Metropolitan government under SPLGA 2012. The hasty and irresponsible way of passing the SPLGA 2012 was against democratic norms and parliamentary protocols. SPLGA 2012 has not only deprived the provincial government from its constitutional powers but has also laid foundations of division of Sindh through administrative divide, which potentially can cause severe ethnic and sub-regional conflicts.

Keeping the above-mentioned concerns in mind, the people of Sindh have utterly rejected SPLGA 2012. We strongly demand that this anti-Sind SPLGA should be annulled before interim government takes place in the days to come. First of all, Sindh needs a local government system based upon global federal democratic principles; second, that system should not merely benefit a particular party or section of society; third, its administrative authorities should be limited to offer civic amenities to the citizens without any discrimination.

We request the Supreme Court of Pakistan to abolish this discriminatory and undemocratic law which will only widen ethnic polarization in Sind and is impregnated with serious political ramifications. Institutes of higher education are in complete disarray. Universities are left at the mercy of corrupt and inefficient cronies of PPP stalwarts. This is taking toll of the future of millions of Sindhi students. Zulfikarabad project would be a fatal blow to demography of Sind. The project is tantamount to a heinous crime of converting Sindhis into a minority on their own homeland. Sindhis will never accept such phony development schemes that will eventually deprive people of Sindh from their right to rule in their own province. Writers express their deep concern over violations of Supreme Court orders regarding transparent voter’s lists and delimitation in Karachi. We believe that without ensuring compliance to these directives of Supreme Court, elections in Karachi will continue to remain a farce.

Dear Journalists!

We, the writers, intellectuals, poets, civil society activists and concerned citizens of Sind appeal to the people of Sindh to not vote to any individual, party or group that has betrayed Sind since decades. In the upcoming elections the vote should be given to the people who could come up with a clear program to serve Sindh and ensure its unity. We also appeal to people of Sindh to do strict accountability of the politicians, parties and groups, which have caused serious damage to the unity, economy and political harmony of Sind.

We also profess upon our firm commitment that our struggle against anti- Sind SPLGA 2012 will continue till it is annulled. We also appeal to all the Sindh-loving permanently-settled citizens of Sind, irrespective of their linguistic, ethnic and religious basis to join us in this noble struggle, which aims to get rid of prejudiced system, which ultimately would ensure peace and harmony among people of Sind.

By: Jami Chandio, ShaukatHussainShoro, Professor MushtaqMirani, Mushtaq Ahmed Shoro, ZulfiqarHalepoto, Dr. Ali Ahmed Rind, HamsafarGadahi, ManzoorSolangi, Noor Ahmed Memon, ArbabChandio, RaheemaPanhwar and others.

Courtesy: Sindhi e-lists/ e-groups, February 9, 2013.

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