Lemon Juice Eradicate my Chronic Hepatitis B

Comment by: Tee Seang Tan

Pure Lemon Juice Eradicate my Chronic Hepatitis B . Just Juice Nothing Else But In A Glass Cup.

I was detected in 1987 as a carrier of Hep.B after my first blood donation thru blood appeal request.

In the year 2000 I was enlisted to be monitored by NZ Hepatitis Foundation and I do need to go for every 6 month blood test .

Since 2004 I have became to like drinking lemon juice and a friend commented that lemon juice can help detoxify the liver. So that encouraged me to keep on drinking and

I am drinking daily at one gulp of 200 ml. Each time I drank the lemon juice I can feel the sweetness after taste .

Since 2005 the test result starts showing the digital reading and it has a reading of 52+ . And Eversince the reading just drops and by 2009 the test reading shows 0.00 and

I did a final 2 test and it shows negative results . After that I request for a DNA test of Hep. B in my body and the results shows negative as well.

By early 2010 the NZ Hepatitis Foundation sent me a letter to says that Congratulations ……. NOW that your file is being closed . What a MIRACLE……….with the help of LEMON JUICE .


Courtesy: Hoa-Slayer


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Note: Please avoid taking high blood pressure medications with lemons, lemon juice or gape fruit. It may damage your kidneys.

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30 thoughts on “Lemon Juice Eradicate my Chronic Hepatitis B”

  1. please am also having hepatitis b, I need more explanations on how to use it to cure hepatitis.


  3. I m a HBag(+) and when I saw this article I became very happy that there is a cure and m a mother of 1&7month old child. But it is not mentioned how to make the lemon juice whether water is mixed or not and at what time it is taken before/after meal. I will be very grateful to know about this and I wanted to give a try.

  4. please I have been fighting on hapetitis b
    over 3yrs now. am been diagnosed with high viral load am scared I need help please.

  5. I am from united state of america, I want to testify of how i got cured of Hepatitis B, I got infected with Hepatitis B disease in 2015,

    1. Mr Bredeson1, how did u eradicate ur Hepatitis B. Ur response would be of great help to other. thanks

    2. Thanks be to the Most high GOD the LORD of heaven who provided Lemons and the tree that bears Lemon for hiding power of healing in Lemons

    1. Hi Sir,
      I’m Ranjan from India and i am too suffering from hep B. Kindly suggest me the cure according to you. Please let me know the full descriptiion.

  6. My hep b report is negative since 2010.I am taking tenefo-b 300mg tab daily.My peletates count is 77000 whereas normal range 150000 to 450000.Whether use lemon juice has negative impact on me.

    1. Hello Sir,
      I’m Ranjan from India and i am also suffering from hep B. Kindly suggest me the cure according to you. What will be the quantity of the lemon juice i have to take per day or any suitable time in a day. What else need to be add in lemon juice.
      Request you to kindly help me out. Waiting for your earliest reply with complete details or full description.

  7. I hv been tested hepitatis b positive so pls teach me how to de lemon juice so I will also be cured bcoz I am thinking dat it will kill me.I am afriad to even inform my parents.pls help me

    1. just cut the lemon open and squeeze the juice into a glass. after that, add warm water up to a glass full. and for the record Akosua, you won’t die.

  8. hello everybody ,please don’t think this testimony is a scam ,is real right there in
    South Africa ,am a very honest man ,i can never post false testimony on social media
    ,so let me go straight to the point .i was diagnosed with hepatitis b for two
    years, living a life of fear for two good years .until one i saw a post about a good
    herbalist in south africa curing people from a deadly disease, such
    herpes,hepatitis,Als,cancer,with his herbal medicine and he is also a spell caster, i
    thought it was not true,then i said let me try ,because am used to trying ,i have been
    trying for two years,till that day GOD wipe my tears,with DR ….thanks

  9. Please i need cure for hepatitis B virus. Do you neutralize the lemon or is it natural? When do you take it, dosage.

  10. Please tell me how and what time you usually take the juice ( quantity) .. please

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