Nawab Ali RahooBy: Nawab Ali Rahoo, Hyderabad, Sindh

Recent move initiated by PPP led by President Zardari of appointing Makhdom Syed Ahmed Mehmood as Governor of Punjab Province is a multi purpose stroke jointly addressing the PML-F & PML-N both the parties. PML-F led by Pir Sahib Pagaro has recently conducted a mammoth public gathering in Hyderabad, Sindh which has lucidly placed PML-F as an emerging substitute to PPP in Sindh. The reputation & political strength of said party is increasing in leaps & bounds. People from all walks of life are joining PML-F. Since the day PPP- MQM coalition introduced SPLGO in Sindh Assembly, PML- F along with a few opposed it dynamically. This shift of PML-F from government batches to opposition was not only admired by the masses but was warmly welcomed also. Seeing this popular acceptance by the people of Sindh Pir Sahib gathered all nationalists & the parties who were against it instead of reviving previous alliance with PPP and vowed to fight with government till the withdrawal of Dual local Government Bill. PPP has tried a lot to settle the matters with PML-F but could not resolve.

As the momentum of criticizing PPP govt: in general & the Dual local Govt: Bill in particular is high. In this context a recent massive public gathering was organized by PML-F at Hyderabad on 14th of instant .Surprisingly to know that there a personality appeared as vehement & stiff critic of PPP that was nothing else but upcoming Governor Syed Ahmed Mehmood, who informed the audience that he, was coming directly from London chiefly to attend this public gathering. The said public gathering of PML-F caused PPP leadership restless. As Makhdom A. Mehmood was President of Punjab PML-F and is said to be relative of the former Prime Minister Yousif Raza Gilani as well as of Pir Sahib Pagara.

With in seven days (decision /consent of the incumbent reported on 21st of instant) of time the cards of game got quietly changed. The breeze of lust & power swept all affiliations and promises shortly made. The sources disclosed that despite refusal of Pir Pagaro for not attaining the post offered, Makhdom Mehmood was inclined to be the Governor calling it the wish of his father thus Pir Sahib demanded resignation which was tendered by him instantly.

This change of loyalty has created suspects at the very moment of announcement of this news. Some were of the opinion that Syed Mehmood’s governorship is the result of back door talks while others do quote Imtiaz Sheikh’s press conference in which he refuted to any patch up. Pir Pagaro while meeting with Jahangir Tareen, categorically denied the notion of any agreement behind the curtain by himself either by his brother Syed Sadaruddin Rashdi but termed it the sole decision of Makhdom Mehmood. Reiterating their former stand the talks with PPP will resume only after the withdrawal of black local Govt; law. On one hand an influential figure, who during 2001-2005 remained Zila Nazim of Raheem Yar Khan, enjoys status of being two times MPA, three times MNA, Ex Excise Minister of Punjab, presently provincial president of PML-F is successfully got converted. On the other hand PPP posed obstruct to PML-F to flourish in Punjab. PPP circles name it a jerk to opponents to realize that still they can play well. It is also learnt that Mr. Mehmood has affable relations with Mian Shahbaz Sharif so, it is believed that, the latter one never denied for any work if asked for. That’s why Mian Shahbaz passed on good wishes saying as Governorship of two & half months is congratulated.

President Zardari & Gilani vowed very earlier to counter PML-N by creating Southern Province in Punjab. However there was another demand of people of Bahawalpur for restoration of their historical right of State / province. To this end, reliably learnt, they drew the solution;

(a) Convincing to Nawab of Bahawalpur, Mr. Salahuddin Abbassi for being silent either withdrawal from the stand of restoration of Bahawalpur.

(b) From Raheem Yar Khan, Mr.Mehmood’s inclusion in PPP would be materialized. According to sources the deal was finalized with Mr. Abbassi a couple of months earlier where as the Gilani appeared victorious with the resignation of Mr. Mehmood from PML-F. Mr. Mehmood is said to have been given free hand for selection of wining candidates from RaheemYar khan & is authorized to award /look after at least 08 seats – four MPAs / MNAs along with his MNA seat as these constituencies have been treated his family seats. Moreover he or his selective will contest on PPP platform.

Soon Mr. Mehmood’s oath taking ceremony will take place, the PPP will heave a sigh of relief as they are fretful with the growing popularity of PML-N which is attracting & embracing their members. Mr. Mehmood is supposed to offer barrier to such departure of PPP supporters.

Pir Pagaro has summoned Mr Jahangir Tareen, who is said to be brother in law of Makhdom Mehmood & currently is in PTI, convened a meeting with him in Karachi.

This latest move of PPP is not an ordinary in its nature. The fronts of politics are defended differently, the gestures of political movements bear diverse meanings, and the language of this domain conveys unusual messages so is the case here.

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