JALSO of PML-F – A rejection to SPLGA – An emerging Alternative to get off forty years prison of PPP

Nawab Ali RahooBy: Nawab Ali Rahoo, Hyderabad,Sindh

Misfortune of one yields fortune for another. The prevailing leadership of PPP has provided an opportunity to PML-F to launch itself in a manner that deprived & betrayed masses by PPP-P Government may find rescue & comfort in the folds of PML-F. Since the day PPP- MQM coalition government tabled SPLGO in Sindh Assembly & got it passed hurriedly. The very moment PML-F on Assembly ground & the Nationalists on the roads opposed it with tooth & nail. The arrogant PPP neither paid attention towards public resentment nor responded to any political party opposing this barbaric bill.

On the one hand they started joking on opponents then criticized severely & finally conducted public meeting (jalso) in Hyderabad on 10th October 2012 which proved a flop show. On the other hand Sindh Bachayo Committee (SBC) under the convener ship of Syed Jalal Shah along with Jatoi Bros & Shahryar Mahar gathered at Pir Sahib Pagaro to accelerate the struggle against controversial Dual Local Government System. Due to Government’s tough & unfavorable stand on this controversial black bill there was a growing frustration among masses of Sindh.

In the mean time Pir Sahib Paggaro appeared as the gigantic voice of Sindh & Sindhis which raised a new hope among downtrodden masses of Sindh. His patriotic stand, vision, attitude & dealing with recently erupted political affairs earned for him a “leadership” role. Thus genial Pir Sahib Pagaro got consensus to lead all parties who are struggling against dual bill in particular and are willing to form a grand alliance against PPP in Sindh in coming elections in general.

PML -F massive gathering (jalso) on 14th Dec: 2012 may rightly be viewed in this context. Doubtlessly this huge public gathering speaks volumes – it was well planned on approximately 72 acres of land where as 45 acres were reserved for parking. Additionally there was an endless line of vehicles standing on Hyderabad bye pass to Ayub hotel even ahead to it synchronizing to Isra hospital road up to Hala Naako. The crowd was countless either at specific ground, at roads, hotels or at passer byes. The security of Jalso was carried by 7000 Hur force – devotee of Pir Sahib. Heavy generators were hired instead of stealing light unlike to other political parties. The ground was thoroughly leveled & divided into portions. Astonishingly to find latrines were constructed there for public. Organizer’s work & vision was evident to observe. That’s why Saleem Zia of PML- N called it a mammoth public gathering of Pakistan.

This giant rally proved successful in displaying multiple messages to e.g. Government & its allies regarding rejection of Dual Local Govt ; System , food for thought to MQM , all anti PPP parties either personalities to realize them that they have an alternative, an awakening call to Sindhis. More over an eye opener to all those who underestimate strength & political power of Pir Sahib- it might be invisible forces or visible like PPP.

The history has destined a new role to prevailing Pir Saeen Pagaro- the legacy of Martyr Sibhghatullah Shah Rashdi alias Soorih Badshah (The Brave King) to fight for rights of the poor & genuine emancipation of masses till the achievement of their respectable sustenance / prosperity. To this end the challenges seem multiple & aspirations of people are high. In this situation some indispensable questions arises as;

(1) Would Pir Sahib succeed in creating a substitute to PPP so as people may find an option rather alternative while casting their votes?

(2) Would Pir Sahib Pagaro & his allies reach to masses to convince them properly?

(3) Would Pir Sahib Pagaro along with allies thrive in diverting common men to pull off popular support / vote to be casted in their favor?

These are not only dire questions need to be answered but are reservations & demands of public also. Only such massive public gatherings do not provide guarantee for acquiring mandate which cause formation of government. However the pre –requisite conditions of such mass awareness is available. The people are buried by the PPP in the self made graveyard of dearness. They are pushed in energy crises- the very basic needs eg light, gas, CNG , health , education etc all seem a dreadful dream to poor people. Unemployment is rampant .Corruption is on its peak. The existing rulers have increased deprivations, multiplied frustration in youth, and allowed lawlessness to flourish which caused unstopped killing in city Karachi & across the province. As there was no mitigation to such miseries an additional threat to the existence of Sindhis was imposed in the shape of controversial Zulfiqarabad. Later on the sacred motherland Sindh was divided into Dual Local Government system through Assembly in the name of SPLGA 2012 which stirred up the entire Sindh. Entire Sindh is sensitized & is eagerly looking for a true statesman who could bring her glory back. Consequently Sindhis have casted eyes upon Pir Saeen Paggaro.

Pir Sahib has stuff, people & resources to mobilize Sindh. This is not a hard nut to crack. If worked vigorously to make people aware at grass root level then there would not be any obstacle to halt PML-F to be an effective substitute to PPP.

The writer can be reached at:  lalrahoo@gmail.com

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2 thoughts on “JALSO of PML-F – A rejection to SPLGA – An emerging Alternative to get off forty years prison of PPP”

  1. sir i am 100% sure that this jalsa which was hold n 14 december wil bring change in entire sindh and that jalsa bring 2nd optoin rapidly for the sindhi people . . .. PML F is much more confident now and i hope they wil achieve their desired goal . . .. I m 100% agreed with ur colum. . ..

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