Ethnicity and urbanisation

By: Zulfiqar Shah


Lessons for the South Asia

The ongoing urbanisation in South Asia is bound to create ethnic diversity in the existing and emerging cities; therefore, if this aspect is not part of urban planning, the ethnic chaos is inevitable. Avoiding urban conflicts, the right to rule and opportunities needs to be ensured to the ethnic indigenous population.

The urbanisation in South Asia will also be carrying along the issues like poor governance, limited resources, housing, non-futuristic planning; infrastructure inadequacy; transportation lethargy and environmental problems. This requires adopting modern frameworks of urban planning, comprehensive master plans, efficient land-use, and appropriate zone regularization as well as building control. The future of South Asian cities could only be save through non-traditional and futuristic vision and planning that does not compromise rights of the land, native population as well as city dwellers.

Courtesy: eKantipur

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