LONDON: October 13th, 2012, World Sindhi Congress conducted the elections of its Executive

Committee for 2012-14. Mr. Bharat Dadlani of UK was the Election Commissioner and coordinated the election activities. The new Executive Committee comprises of 15 members: Ambreen Hisbani , Ali Memon, Gul Sanai, Hidayat Bhutto, Farhan Kaghzi , Mansoor Samo, RubinaShaikh, Lakhu Luhano, Saghir Shaikh, Abdul Rehman Kakepoto, Umed Laghari, Asif Panwhar, Sattar Zangejo, Hafeezan Wadhio, and Sultan Mahar.

The New EC elected the office bearers as follows:

Chairman: Dr. Lakhu Luhano, Senior Vice Chairperson: Farhan Kaghzi, Vice Chairman: Sattar

Zangejo, Secretary General: Dr. Rubina Shaikh, Deputy Secretary General: Gul Sanai, Finance

Secretary: Ambreen Hisbani, Information Secretary: Ali Memon, Cultural Secretary: Hafeezan


The New EC also elected the Chapter Organizers as follows:

UK and Europe: Hidayat Bhutto, USA: Mansoor Samo, and Canada: Asif Panwhar

In addition, EC has formed following Organizing Committees for WSC Chapters:

UK and Europe: Hidayat Bhutto, Jabir Shar, Sikandar Khaskeli, Sanjay Ahuja, Sadiq Bhambhro, Dr Mumtaz Bughio, and Vishnu Jairamani

USA: Mansoor Samo, Malik Dino Shaikh, Zubair Bhambhro, Saghir Shaikh, Mahboob Dahani, and Umed Laghari.

Canada: Asif Panhwar and Siraj Makhdoom

The new Office bearers will be taking oath at the WSC Annual Conference held on October 13th, 2012 in London.

Iqbal Tareen’s Interview with AwazTV on controversial & black “SPLGO.”

Iqbal Tareen is an author of “Harvest will come – Embracing diverse Pakistani heritage”, President of Silver Lining International, Inc., Chief organizer of “Democracy, Individual and Collective Human Rights, Education and Skills Development, Fight against Hepatitis in Pakistan”, former president of Sindhi Association of North America (SANA) & and founder president of Jeay Sindh Student Federation (JSSF). The language of the interview is Sindhi.

Courtesy: Awaz Tv