Free speech values not yet standard in Greece either!

27-Year Old In Greece Arrested For Blaspheming A Monk On Facebook

By: Joe Weisenthal

Evidently in Greece, blaspheming a monk on Facebook is an arrestable offense.

Via @lolgreece and Peter Dimitrakos, here’s the Google Translated version of the arrest announcement for a 27-year old who blasphemed a famous Greek monk (Elder Paisios) using the mocking name Geron Pastitsios.

Pastitsios is a Greek pasta dish (hence the picture from the Facebook page showing the monk with a big plate of pasta)

Unconfirmed, but according to twittererers, his arrest was agitated by Golden Dawn nationalist types, and the government apparently complied.

The hashtag #FreeGeronPastitsios is going bananas in the Greek twittersphere.

The Google-translated arrest announcement is below the dotted line.

24-09-2012: H Cyber Crime Unit arrested 27-year old domestic for malicious blasphemy and kathyvrisi religions via Facebook
Athens, 24 September 2012


H Cyber Crime Unit arrested 27-year old domestic for malicious blasphemy and religious kathyvrisi through Facebook

The 27 year old managed page on Facebook with profane and abusive content for Elder Paisios and Orthodox Christianity

From Cyber Crime file formed Flagrant process against domestic 27 years old, who is accused of blasphemy and malicious kathyvrisi religions known through social networking sites Facebook.

More specifically, the Cyber Crime spotted recently in the famous social networking site Facebook, with data page ( / gerontas.pastitsios ), which contained blasphemies and insults against Elder Paisios and Orthodox Christianity.

While the profane and blasphemous content of this page, the Cyber Crime has received thousands of e-complaints coming from residents of different countries around the world.

From police digital survey, conducted in conducting preliminary investigation calibrated logs (logfiles) and electronic trail of administrator – user page issue.

Then Friday (21-09-2012) morning team of specialist officers Cyber Crime held a proper inquiry, presence Prosecutors at his home at 27 years old Psachna Evia.

During the investigation found and confiscated a laptop computer (laptop). On the ground in this autopsy found that a computer administrator page in question was the 27 year old, who was arrested and the file that was formed against him led to Attorney Athens.

Recalled that, in such cases, citizens can contact the Cyber Crime, the following contact details:


And here’s the Google Translated version of the Golden Dawn post on their website calling for action:

Tabled a question from the MP of the Golden Dawn, Chris Pappas

1) Education & Religious Affairs, Culture & Sports
The website / gerontas.pastitsios profile is created with the name “ELDER PASTITSIOS / ELDER PASTITSIOS”, where the user intimidate, harass and attempt to humiliate the sacred form of the Greek Orthodox, Elder Paisios. Indicative posts like “The Elder Pastitsio Patsafaritis”, “the new miracle of Elder Trolls in Serres’ and many provocative and inappropriate photos.
Asked the Minister:
1) Are informed by viewing this website on the internet?
2) You will immediately take the necessary steps through the prosecution of cybercrime for the immediate removal of that profile from the internet, or do you remain deaf and tolerate the shameful mockery of what Elder Paisios as tolerate the existence of the website antiauthoritarian space through which repeatedly committed the offenses of slander, defamation, threats and other illegal acts?
Athens, 18/09/2012
The Inquirer MP

Via – Twitter » OA’s tweet

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