‘Pakistan fighting America, not Taliban’

Wichaar Desk

Islamabad: Pakistan is acting more effectively against the Americans than against the Taliban, an editorial in a Pakistani daily has said.

It is clear that Pakistan sees America as its enemy, not the Taliban whom everybody now believes to be the dominant factor in Karachi, the editorial in The Express Tribune said.

The ”logic” that shifts the onus of terror from the Taliban to the Americans is the assertion made by Pakistani officials that the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) is being sheltered and funded by the US from Afghanistan. To make the case more convincing, they add India to the ”evil conspiracy” against Pakistan even as efforts are being made to normalise ties with India, it said.

According to the editorial, the people of Pakistan are now more or less totally anti-American in response to these official concoctions about who the real enemy of Pakistan is. They look askance at any realistic move made by the Pakistan Army to end the country’s international isolation by negotiating a common strategy against terrorism with the US and its NATO allies. So intense is the public self-deception that when the Army chief said the war against terrorism was Pakistan’s war, no one accepted it. Pakistan is wriggling in the vice of its self-deceptions, it said.

What is coming next is the people’s choice of government in 2013 when the country goes to polls, the editorial said. Anyone who does not depict himself as an enemy of America will not get their vote, it added.

Pakistan is fast moving to the state of popular mind in South America where leaders are putting their countries at risk by posing as anti-American warriors: Venezuela and Bolivia are now followed by Ecuador in what looks like an unrealistic pantomime as the lives of the people they lead are endangered by faltering economies. Pakistan has even fewer choices because, unlike South America, its people are at risk from its own terrorist gangs, it further added.

Courtesy: Wichaar.com


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