Dinaar-Dirham conference in Lahore, Pakistan – Shariah currency (aka gold dinaars)

Shaykh Umar Vadillo’s Speech In The Islamic Economic System Conference In Lahore.

Destined for victory

By: Syed Hafiz

Despite the sweltering heat and an asthmatic aircon in the hall, at 1600 hours, drenched in sweat, the people were waiting for a person that the american congress deemed to be more dangerous than usama bin laden. Lahore’s Aiwan e Iqbal hall had never been so packed.

From Gilgit in the extreme north to Rahim yar khan in the middle, from Quetta in the west to Karachi in the southern coast ; people had gathered from all over the country to participate in this Dinar / Dirham conference. They all had the same thing to say : if its Allah and Prophet’s (pbuh) war against interest, then we are with Allah and Prophet.

Even in this stifling heat and sweat, the people’s patience was commendable. They were waiting for a person from that city, from where Muslims were expelled by the Chrisitan community.

They city that was the cultural center in Europe, and from where the sunshine of civilization illuminated the whole world – Qartaba  (Cordova, southern Spain) . The hall’s name is Aiwan e Iqbal, the great sufi poet Iqbal, and the speaker was standing in front of the picture of Iqbal on the wall. that Iqbal who imprisoned himself in the mosque of Cordoba, just to pray 2 rak’aat prayers.

Omar Ibrahim Vadilo who belonged to a strict Christian family, and who was trained to be a priest. He became the first European Muslim of the city of Cordoba. When he became a Muslim, there was no mosque in Cordoba, but now there are 4 mosques there.

He is the front man of the army of Allah, who has begun the mission to eradicate paper notes : the foundation of ‘interest’ from the world, and bring back the silver Dinar and Gold Coins system from the days of the Prophet(pbuh).

The weight and size of the coins have been kept the same as that standardized by Hazrat Umar (ra) . This enthusiastic crowd was eagerly listening to Omar Vadilo.

After starting with the name of Allah he said :

This secret is known to all the Western world that Capitalism has failed, it only remains to be officially announced. A majority in the US and Europe considers paper notes, Dollar and Pound to be a fraud.

How cruel it is that when the europeans are so against the paper notes, not even one percent of muslims do so. The westerners enslaved the whole world for so long. After getting tired and fed up and with blood everywhere in europe after the second world war, they started to liberate the countries under their occupation.

But, this freedom carried three conditions :

Firstly, all these countries will make their own constitution. Today, all of these countries’ constitutions are almost the same.

Secondly, each country must have a central bank that will issue a running currency in the form of paper notes. Even today these notes are considered an element of freedom, bearing the country’s name and the picture of the founder.

Thirdly, every country will have a national debt. The citizens are unaware of this debt they are under. The principle of debt is that the person asks for it.. but here in this case, this is an imposed debt on the people and which keeps increasing day by day.

Every child is born with this debt on his shoulders. The US alone has a national debt of $1,5 billion which they cannot repay even in the next four centuries. The whole world’s trade volume is $4 billion. All this debt is born of paper notes.

These are that trash that you consider as wealth in your pocket, but you are not aware that your pocket is being robbed of your wealth. The next building to you is issuing numerous paper notes at a fast pace, and in just a while the hundred bill in your pocket is reduced to a fity dollar bill in your pocket. Whereas if you have Dinar in your pocket, no one can steal it and no one can devalue it, neither can it be made worthless by issuing more paper notes.

During the reign of Muslims’ fourteen hundred years, as long as we followed the teachings of the Prophet(pbuh), there was neither inflation nor enemployment. In the Prophet’s (pbuh) you could get a chicken for 1Dirham, and a chicken costs 1Dirham. In Islam, the market is an indepent and respected institution.

Nobody can monopolize it. There is no super store or stock exchange. Nobody demands a certain number of paper notes to buy something. You can pay in various ways.

In Islam, the state is responsible to make Dirham and Dinar, but it cannot force people to do trade with Dirham and Dinar or do payments with them. And on the founation of this freedom, trading is developed and unemployment is eradicated. In this system, a single store or shopping mall cannot take profit from a thousand shops.

In this system, inflation is unkonwn and thus no need for new remedies for it every day. There is no inflation or promises to reduce it in this system. Spain is my country, much richer than Pakistan, it also has Twenty percent unemployment. This never happened during the Thirteen hundred years of the muslim caliphate. Muslim ummah is essential to the West.

If we don’t sell our oil for these trashy paper notes, and demand Gold Dinar instead, then this Western ‘development’ will fail. This cannot be done through the government, they won’t allow it.

I met Turkey’s prime minister Najmuddin Erbakan, he was ready for it, and his government was brought down. Qaddafi promoted this mission, and he was killed mercilessly.

You can do this. We will make Dirham and Dinar. You should do your savings in Dinar and Dirhm.

Take out your money from the interest ridden banks. We will put the Dinar and Dirham on shop counters and sell them like phonecards. We have done this in the Malaysian state of Kelantan. Today, the Dinar trading is round $10million every day.

We will ask shopkeepers to put up signs, just like they do “We accept Credit Cards” , in a similar fashion they will put up signs “We accept Dinar & Dirham.

You should change from this plastic wealth into Gold and Silver, the real wealth. The city of Lahore and Pakistan is a place of hope for me.

My mentor and other spiritual Muslims have given positive indication about this.

Always remember, Allah never declared a war on Adultery or Drinking, on Liars or thieves. But, against interest and brokering, Allah and his Prophet(pbuh) have openly declared war. A war that is declared by Allah surely will see us as the winners. It is our destiny and no one can stop us”

This is the article of Orya Maqbool in which he translated Shaykh Umar Vadillo’s speech on the 8th of July 2012 in Lahore.

Translated by Faisal Khalid

Original Article can be found here.

Courtesy: Tumasik Trade Network



2 thoughts on “Dinaar-Dirham conference in Lahore, Pakistan – Shariah currency (aka gold dinaars)”

  1. This guy is not even a real Shaykh. He has been “nominated” a Shaykh of Sufism (sufis and Gold???) by one Ian Dallas, a Scottish freemason. His knowledge of Fiqh and Arabic is non-exitent, and is made up for only by arrogance and brazenness.

  2. Economics is a complicated subject. You need to understand basic principles before unleashing your fantasies on people. You have thought this purely from the point of view of a buyer, one who goes to “market” to purchase things. You need to also think of the “seller” – how he can control the supply of things he sells in collaboration with other sellers, so he can set a price, how he can “devalue” your golden Dinar and Dirham by asking for 18 Dirhams for a chicken instead of 1 ( who can control him ? Allah ? )

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