Say ‘NO’ to Judicial Coup – by Dr. Saif-ur-Rehman

Dear countrymen, democracy in Pakistan is gone, our country is running under “Judicial coup”[Judicial dictatorship]. Pity the judiciary that some judges have declared “Judicial coup” in Pakistan. May 24th ruling of the Speaker of National Assembly on the issue of PM Yousaf Raza Gilian’s conviction in the contempt of court case was declared void.

The court observed that the speaker had no authority to find faults in the apex court’s judgement and should have sent the disqualification reference to the Election Commission of Pakistan within 30 days. Supreme Court’s disqualification of the sitting Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani on 19th June was a practical example of Judicial coup in Pakistan. And that decision was widely lamented by the world leaders, scholars and journalists round the globe. All the democratic nations, pro-democratic think tanks and groups of scholars, journalists, students of politics and people from all walk of life were deeply shocked, when they heard about disqualification of sitting Prime Minister of Pakistan by biased judiciary.

Yet again, Supreme court is on its way to hunt its prey –another elected prime minister of Pakistan. For to fulfill its nefarious designs, court has accepted petitions against contempt of court act 2012, which was signed into law. It is pertinent to mention here that CJ had already vowed to do declare contempt of court bill null and void before its passing in elected houses both upper and lower.

Throughout the history of our country, Pakistan has suffered enough times due “Military coups”. It was the military who directly intervened to derail democracy in Pakistan, toppled the elected governments and declared martial laws and judiciary validated all martial laws in the country. But this time military is behind the curtain and judiciary has declared “Judicial coup”. In my opinion, all institutions should work under their jurisdiction under the ambit of constitution come what may.

Judiciary should have worked under its jurisdiction but it is so sad that it could not. Yousaf raza gilani’s disqualification verdict was an attempt to derail democracy and an effort to create political turmoil for the ruling coalition in power who is about to complete its five-year term for the first time in the

nation’s political history. Evil forces want to sabotage democratic dispensation, I appeal to every countryman please don’t fall prey to nefarious designs of evil forces and stand behind elected democratic government for the better and bright future of Pakistan.

Country’s survival lies in democracy. Pakistani nation has borne the brunt of military coups, soft coups and hard coups. So please say no to all sorts of coups whether it is “Military coup” or “Judicial coup”. There should be one point agenda that is democracy and supremacy of parliament. It is obligatory duty of every patriot citizen of Pakistan to fight against “Judicial coup” and struggle for democracy in Pakistan.

Courtesy: Let Us Build Pakistan (LUBP)

Via – twitter

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