Statement released by 13 Sindh National and International Organizations on the occasion of 28th annual SANA convention

July 1st , 2012, New York, NY – We the representatives of Sindh Progressive National Alliance (SPNA),[Awami Tehreek (AT), Sindh Taraqi Pasand Party (STTP), Sindh United Party (SUP) Sindhi Sangat Middle East (SSME), International Sindhi Women’s Organization (ISWO), ], Sindh Democratic Forum (SDF), Indus Peoples’ Forum (IPF), Sindhi Association of North America (SANA), World Sindhi Congress (WSC), World Sindhi Institute (WSI) , and Sindhi Sangat United Kingdom (SSUK) , condemn the on-going human rights violations in Sindh and the systematic denial of social, political, and economic rights of Sindhis.

Sindh joined Pakistan in 1947 as an autonomous and sovereign state based on the agreement enshrined in the 1940 Pakistan Resolution. From inception however, the Pakistani state denied sovereignty to the Bengali, Sindhi, Baloch and Pushtun, Seraiki nations that joined the federation. Today, 65 years later Sindh is deprived of autonomy and the governance of its own affairs and has become a veritable colony of Punjab establishment.

The current composure of centralized Pakistan has made it an undemocratic, theocratic, and unstable state which has become a threat to the global security. The Nation of Sindh seeks support from the international community in the following major challenges facing Sindhis.

1. Sindh is the historic motherland of the Sindhi Nation since millennia; we believe in the integrity of Sindh and its geographical division is unacceptable to Sindhis under any circumstances. We condemn all the conspiracies being waged against the integrity of Sindh.

2. Sindhi and other major languages of Pakistan have always been discriminated against. We demand that all the national languages of Pakistan i.e. Sindhi, Baluchi, Pushto, Seraiki and Punjabi be declared the national languages of Pakistan.

3. Pakistan state policies have been designed to render Sindhis into a minority in their own homeland. The orchestrated influx of populations from other provinces as well as outside the country since 1951 and flawed house census of 2010 has disenfranchised native Sindhis. A new census under supervision of an international body must be carried out.

4.The proposed new Zulfikarabad city in south Sindh negates all criteria for sustainable and judicious development and will pose a further demographic threat to Sindh. The project of Zulfikarabad must be cancelled.

5.Sindh has been deprived of its due share of water resources since the last five decades. This has shattered the agricultural economy of Sindh and has resulted in ecological devastation of the Indus Delta region.. Even the Water accord of 1991 which went against Sindh’s interest, is being violated ; and further dams and canals are being planned by the Government of Pakistan which will further reduce Sindh share of water from the Indus; all water appropriation policies must cease immediately.

6. Numerous Sindhi political workers and leaders are being forcibly disappeared, tortured and killed by Pakistan’s security agencies, and state supported non state actors. This is creating fear, intimidation and harassment amongst all civil society. This state terrorism must stop immediately and an impartial judicial commissions must be set up to enquire into all cases of target killings, torture and disappearances. The missing political activists must be produced immediately.

7. The floods of 2010 and 2011 that devastated economy of Sindh and rendered 20 million Sindhis homeless. This was mostly a result of negligence, corruption and mismanagement of the Governments of Sindh and Pakistan. There is an urgent need to develop a master plan for rehabilitation of flood affectees in Sindh. Further appropriate contingency plans for the next monsoons must be prepared for August 2012 monsoons and forthcoming years.

8. The Sindhi Nation is committed to the philosophy of religious tolerance. Pakistan must stop supremacy of theocracy and patronage of religious extremists and militants as well as stop the policies of war and nuclear proliferation. The systematic discrimination of Hindus, Christian, Ahmedis and other religious minorities must also stop forthwith.

9. Karachi, Sindh’s capital city, has become a hot bed of ethnic violence and lawlessness destroying Sindh’s economy and political stability. In particular we condemn the massacre of 12th May 2007 and 22nd May 2012 in Karachi by a known terrorist outfit and demand that the perpetrators be brought to justice immediately. Army and federal paramilitary deployment in Sindh has further deteriorated the situation. Government of Sindh must be allowed to organize its own paramilitary forces exclusive to the province.

10. Sindh’s education system has been destroyed from primary to university level. We demand that an education emergency must be declared in Sindh and the issues faced by the public sector universities specially Sindh University, must be addressed. In particular as is the practice in other provinces following 18th amendment , all governance issues of Public Sector Universities should be handled by Chief Minister’s office rather than the office of Governor.

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