Twitter alert: Asma Jahangir a target for defamation

By Web Desk

How far does the tolerance of a political activist or a party supporter go? Not too far, apparently.

Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf supporters and workers have been known to lash out at political opponents or rather anyone for speaking against their party or chief Imran Khan.

Their current victim? Prominent lawyer, human rights activist, ex-Supreme Court Bar Association president and former UN rapporteur, Asma Jahangir.

The News had earlier today reported that Jahangir had termed the Arsalan Iftikhar case a conspiracy against the judges. The report quotes Jahangir as stating that the motive behind bringing up the case was to “wrap up” the democratic setup and to “threaten” the judiciary.

The icing on the cake? She was quoted as saying that the PTI were conspirators in this.

The senior lawyer, who has in the recent past represented former Pakistan ambassador to the US Husain Haqqani in the Memogate scandal, is a known outspoken advocate for the rights of women, minorities and others. Additionally, she is also a vocal critic of the military and its “control” of the civilian government.

Jahangir’s stances on numerous issues have often resulted in people terming them as conspiracy theories.

Her recent statement also struck a similar note, unleashing the #BongisLikeAsmaJehangir trend.

PTI well-wishers, supporters (and trolls) were clearly upset with the allegations leveled against their party:

Shoaib Khan ‏@5hobi

so Asma is against anything positive in#pakistan her antijudiciary stance is quite well known, now anti #PTI

imran waseem ‏@imranwaseem

#BongisLikeAsmaJehangir no one asked us to start this trend, this is the sponatneous reply to nonsense statements from her

Nimrah Anwar Khan ‏@NimraahhKhan

#PTI was behind Gandhi JEE’s death! #BongisLikeAsmaJehangir

The tweets did not just stop there, some even resorted to personal attacks against her:

Shoaib Khan ‏@5hobi

oh!!! I have a couple of new grey hair in my head!!! Conspiracy by #PTI

Jawad ‏@Jawad1_

My husband and all my kids are becoming Imran Khan fans, must be a conspiracy by those who founded PTI.

farzan ali baloch ‏@farzan_ali_13

Food poisining :(( , i fired my maid cuuz she was isi and pti agent !!

And some continued to defend their party and tried to be funny at the same time:

moonlight ‏@PkLion01

Messi is the number one footballer right now, this is due to those who created PTI 😀 #BongisLikeAsmaJehangir

Shahi Rome ‏@shahi_rome

Twitter has limit of 140 characters,hw can i describe my character in it,i blame PTI.ban Pti! #BongisLikeAsmaJehangir

moonlight ‏@PkLion01

Earth revolves around the Sun, This is conspiracy of PTI 😀#BongisLikeAsmaJehangir

Ali ‏@Alifaruq

#BongisLikeAsmaJehangir is trending and most of the people tweeting it are PTI walas.

Zakota ‏@ZakotaJinn

#PTI hackers have deleted Recyling Bin of my computer.#BongisLikeAsmaJehangir

imran waseem ‏@imranwaseem

who is trending that ? yes we are trending, we reject nonsense from Asma

Yasir ‏@TheRealLahori

I was in HC bar room today- the tea wasn’t good- I smell a PTI conspiracy !!

Saeed Khan ‏@Hsaeed_khan

RAJA RENTAL became PM bcoz of PTI #BongisLikeAsmaJehangir

PTI Rocks ‏@PTI_tsunami

#BongisLikeAsmaJehangir Martians have hatched a plot to eliminate me, but I will fight them… even on other planets.

Ali Adnan ‏@addali00

like this trend now on top 🙂 PTI rocks

Aftab__PTI ‏@A_h_Aftab

#BongisLikeAsmaJehangir#PTI is Pro Taliban

Syed Faizan Jawaid ‏@Syedfaixan

Why #BongisLikeAsmaJehangir trending in #Pakistan ?? I guess she said something against #PTI

Naveed ‏@naveedpti

#BongisLikeAsmaJehangir Global recession is a conspiracy by PTI founding members

Shahmeer Khan ‏@DaDemagogue

@saleem_ali sir ur take on #BongisLikeAsmaJehangir? public reaction to her accusations against PTI.

Courtesy: The Express Tribune

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