Constitutional Conspiracy against Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry – by Riaz Malik

Greetings to His Holiness Highness Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary

Dear Enlightened Ghairatmand followers of Chief Justice of Muslim Tehrik League Party and Supreme Leagues of Pakistan (Hamid Khan-Hafiz Saeed Group)

I am even more hurt than many of you at the blasphemous content that is being said about our Beloved Infallible Chief Justice. First it was RAW agent Markandey Katju who said:

“Pakistani court has no right to dismiss a Prime Minister or overrule the constitutional immunity given to the President.”

Pakistani Supreme Court has gone overboard – by Justice Markandey Katju (Supreme Court of India)

Just because someone adds Justice before their name, does not mean he knows more about the law than great Punjabi Puttar Patriots like Sharif-ul-Raiwand and Hazrat Imran Khan.

After that a deep Amriki-Zionist-Neocon-capitalist-Masonic Lodhi conspiracy has been hatched to entrap the brilliant but simple son of His Holiness Highness Chief Justice who we should refer to as Ibne Iftikhar out of respect for his infallible FATHER. Everyone knows that Ibne Iftikhar made his money from selling cures for cancer, sewing namaz caps and doing commentary on kabaddi tournaments.  In Monte Carlo casino, he was simply giving a lecture on advanced probability theory.  Along with his female teaching assistant, he was presenting on topics like random variables, stochastic processes and non-deterministic events. There is no evidence; this LUBP Special: Documentary evidence of payments made to Pakistan’s Chief Justice’s son is all rubbish.

Now, in response to the great Twitter Hashtag of #RajaRental that was developed by the pious, independant and un-corruptible Pakistani media, liberal fascist “scum” have come up with their own twitter hash tag that is called #IftikharMental :  #IftikharMental: Pakistan social media abuzz with insult for country’s top judge

If that was not enough, the Executive and Judiciary is getting out of hand and might do this CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry should be asked to appear before Parliamentary Committee on Rules of Procedure and Privileges

If that was not enough, liberal fascist “scum” are coming up with nonsense like this Raja Rental? Pakistan’s new PM Raja Pervez Ashraf is guilty until proven guilty – by Ravez Junejo  In all my years as an advocate of Mullah Omar’s Shariah, I have never heard such rubbish as “Innocent Until Proven Guilty”. Rubbish!

My dear ghairatmands, we must resist such tyranny at all costs. Don’t  these sily liberal fascists know how the Judiciary won the great election war of 2007-2009.  The glorious mandate given to the Judiciary by Jamaat-e-Islami, Chacha Morpheous (Hazrat General Hamid Gul ISI Walla), Hazrat Imran Khan and Lal Masjid/Sipah-e-Sahaba must be respected.

After all, who the hell is Parliament to question the Real representative of the people, His Holiness Highness Hazrat Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry Rehmatullah Alaih.

Syed Riaz Bin Al-Malik Hujjaji

Keeper of the Two Nation Theory and Protector of the Supreme Infallible Judiciary

Courtesy: PakistanBlogZine

Via – Twitter

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